iPhone XS (parody)

  • Published on:  9/12/2018
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  • Oscar 9 months ago

    They should have called it the iPhone XD.Maybe then I would buy it.

  • First Last 4 days ago

    If everyone stopped using ''smartphones'', the GUVURMENT would give you one for free...at gunpoint.https://www.201tube.com/video/D3r430bQQss/video.html

  • Same

  • toaster 20 days ago

    -being excited for the new iphone-*_being excited for jacksfilms making fun of the new iphone_*

  • Not_you! 9 months ago

    X and RXpensive and Ridicilus

  • Val3nt!n_ 2 days ago

    @Frankie-ROBLOX and more when we have a fortnite profile picture and we make fortnite videos, I think we should close it.

  • @Val3nt!n_ no u... done messed up

  • r a v y 9 months ago

    0:05 the *YIAYphone*

  • Sophia Coluzzi 16 days ago

    I would definitely buy it

  • shit's classic X 2 months ago

    Youre deaf.

  • ImSad 9 months ago

    The 1.6k dislikes is from Apple fan boys

  • Dank Matter 9 months ago

    _Susan, please, I have bought an expensive phone, please, please come back_

  • Governor General 3 months ago

    Gavin says gavin

  • Paul 4 months ago


  • Loizos 9 months ago

    The best choice out of these is the iPhone XR...why you ask?- 326ppi "Liquid Retina Display" which provides less pixel density than the Xperia S which came out in February 2012 and the same as the iPhone 4 from 2010.- Outstanding single lens camera (had to make it singe because how else would you promote the other 2 iPhones) along with a 4k ultrahdplus-hdr++ 7mp seflie camera.- Super long lasting 2942 mAh battery enough for a whole day with only 5 charges per 24 hours.- No SD Card slot b...

  • kingatgames 6 days ago

    It's all about profit‚ and I can see the difference between 720p and 1080p

  • A N G E R Y 15 days ago


  • its just luke Revive 8 months ago

    And Galaxy Note lmao true

  • Timbus2516 2 months ago

    At least it is worth the price :p

  • Pranjal VW 3 months ago

    I was searching for this comment 😂

  • joe nodden 9 months ago

    In the beginning he says Apple products can do more and more each year, so can I plug in my headphones? Or can I scan my fingerprint?

  • uday shetkar 3 months ago

    @It's-a me Megatron. best comeback😂😂🔥

  • Igor Igor 5 months ago

    @Xpert_Destroyer 4 Are you serious?

  • JJ Plays 21 days ago

    You know what would be a good apple product? A stand for a grand

  • JJ Plays 17 days ago

    Danial Yousaf can u please quote the full video

  • Danial Yousaf 20 days ago

    @JJ Plays if i wanted to spend $1000 on something,I'd find a way.