iPhone XS (parody)



  • DannyOH 40
    DannyOH 40 11 minutes ago

    Roses are red
    Grass is greener
    When I think of you
    I play with weinsr

  • Fusseldieb
    Fusseldieb an hour ago

    My Galaxy S7 Edge serves me better than this crap.

  • Valentino 737
    Valentino 737 2 hours ago

    plz help im so thirsty

  • Sami Johnstone
    Sami Johnstone 3 hours ago

    Who else got a pad advert before this?

  • -
    - 3 hours ago

    I am an Apple man from very beginning. I mean very beginning. And no more. Now it is faggotty, boring globalist corp. I just bought my first Android phone. And your stuff is funny!

  • Jack Thornborrow
    Jack Thornborrow 3 hours ago

    I watched this on an iPhone XS

  • Tricus
    Tricus 4 hours ago

    Accurate and beautiful.

  • Light sparkle Cookie

    The Apple Watch will kill you if you talk shit😂😂

  • Muhammad Fhardeen Hussain

    this video is not a padory

  • Roy
    Roy 5 hours ago

    Wasnt blurring the background possible since the samsung galaxy s4 or s5 lol?

  • UgandanPanzer
    UgandanPanzer 5 hours ago

    iphone sucks gives fuck price but doesnt give buyers freedom to use it

  • sub2notme
    sub2notme 6 hours ago

    And im here struggling to buy an iphone 6.
    Ye ik this is a parody

  • Piotr Piwowarski
    Piotr Piwowarski 7 hours ago

    1,7k apple fanboys disliked this video.

  • Rapist Spongebob
    Rapist Spongebob 7 hours ago+1

    You're really not funny sometimes.

  • Johnny Rumely
    Johnny Rumely 8 hours ago

    this might be the stupidest video i have ever seen lmao

  • Not So Average Joe
    Not So Average Joe 9 hours ago

    That last joke made me sub

  • tomtebre
    tomtebre 10 hours ago

    Look at all these nerds who care so much about a fucking phone

  • Gaming Beast
    Gaming Beast 11 hours ago

    Fuck u mother lfuker

  • hmslurp flop
    hmslurp flop 11 hours ago

    I haven't seen your videos in so long

  • Gus Ka
    Gus Ka 12 hours ago

    Whyt wut? Ummmmm f@&#&ng ok