Houston Rockets vs Golden State Warriors - Full Game Highlights | Jan 3, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season



  • Rob Alvarez 5 months ago

    Ximo Pierto how to get the athletics case?

  • Jeff Jean 5 months ago

    Draymond hits one shot and barks like he’s been cooking all night. Lmao

  • Cylik 1 months ago

    Steven Schaefer What about now?

  • Luka T 1 months ago

    Guess who is crying now?

  • Ian Dalida 5 months ago

    there are only two words in this game. JAMES HARDEN.

  • MarshalLee 1 months ago

    IS A FRAUD. That's 3 more

  • Eric Lu 3 months ago

    Allen iverson

  • Tech through Toni 5 months ago

    This feels like game 7 damn 😆

  • Luka T 1 months ago

    Wrong cus Rockets only need 6 to go home

  • @A/H/M/A/D R/I/Z/W/A/N whut now?

  • Jan Mauersiegler 5 months ago

    8:20 Rivers laughing about that ridiculous celebration from draymond green lmfao

  • King_ Savage15 2 months ago

    Kalifornia Silk no rivers actually does things for his team all draymond does is

  • King_ Savage15 2 months ago

    Gagan Singh Gill don’t matter a win is a win y’all did beat us in 2018 cause cp3 got injured

  • Kei v 5 months ago

    Say what you want. You can't deny hardens greatness periot

  • FSJ Julio 2 months ago

    Kei v then tell me how many rings he has?uh what?0,period

  • Ahmed Almatari 2 months ago

    Miguel Clarke Your sentence makes no sense, you meant can’t not can

  • Bonafide Killah 5 months ago

    I am not a Harden fan but damn that was nasty

  • Rose Acl 2 months ago

    Jaydee Kulets bandwagon at its finest

  • Jaydee Kulets 5 months ago

    @Dee Cloman never mind we've seen this before, At the end GSW is the Champ.. GSW is not Steph nor Durant, its the team including the water boy. Unlike others ,.like yours😁

  • Yuan Zhuang 5 months ago

    Does anyone find Green annoying? He seems always screaming even Austin Rivers laughs at him: chill out dude~

  • Luka T 1 months ago

    Rockets fans can be really chilled at home now cus they are done

  • Upful Soul 5 months ago

    It's very hard to block someone clean like that. And, he's an aggressive player too so his celebration was normal. I think Rivers was embarrassed that he got blocked in that manner.

  • Meme and Vines 5 months ago

    4:11 mad respect to HARDEN helping KD. MVP AND SPORTMANSHIP

  • wordsone 3 months ago

    Meme and Vines they’re still really good friends. since the okc days.

  • Mike Breeden 5 months ago

    Say what you want about harden but he’s the best iso player in the league🤷🏽‍♂️ The warriors put EVERYONE on him and they all got cooked😂

  • Kenya Cumberbatch 3 months ago

    @EliTheOne curry would probably get injured in this system

  • Jalen Clips 5 months ago

    70 a night? Stfu you dumbass boy