The Suspicious Retirement Of Michael Jordan

  • Published on:  9/14/2018
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  • Hey everyone!! We wanted to try something new: Unsolved - Sports Conspiracies! We had such a fun time making it and hope you love it too. 🕵🏻 (don't worry -- Shane didn't go anywhere!)

  • Onion 1 months ago

    I personally love this series and hope you guys put out a season 2!

  • Matthew Dixon 10 months ago

    Some say Shane is currently struggling in his choice with which island to buy.

  • Jessica Cavitch 2 months ago

    Maybe the ghosts finally fulfilled their promise and murked him

  • Madeline Harper 10 months ago

    @David Gilchrist ahhh I would be so jealous if he bought Roanoke!

  • 100k with no subs 9 months ago

    The next video: Shanes odd retirement.

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    Yes. Just yes

  • Sarcast 10 months ago

    the suspicious absence of shane in this video

  • Derpy the Cookie 2 months ago

    Are you a shaniac?

  • rosexox 9 months ago

    I’m trying to watch the video but my mind keeps going “SHANE SHANE SHANE”

  • Nyirobi Ojulu 7 months ago

    rosexox Shane has stated on multiple occasions he is not a sports guy

  • Billy Jeans 9 months ago

    what hapenned to shane lol?

  • MHO 9 months ago

    I wish I was that rich that I’d just be like. “Dang it I can’t sleep hmmm I feel like going to Italy let’s go”

  • al821 4 months ago

    I’m restless, let me call my coke guy

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    Conspiracy: Shane found the treasure and retired from unsolved to make the hot daga movie.

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    @ChrissiTea Right

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    I guess Shane pulled a John cena we can’t see him in this episode

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    What's a cena

  • dachicagoan 9 months ago

    2:18 he didn't retire for good. He played for the Wizards 2001-2003 LOL

  • Saber0003 6 days ago

    @Michael McParland Jordan was a human. A human who happened to be the most talented basketball player ever. A couple of throwaway seasons as he approached 40 doesn't change what he was capable of in his prime.