10 Most Wanted By The FBI!

  • Published on:  3/21/2021
  • From the notorious Ted Bundy to the most wanted terrorist in American history, here are the ten most infamous people ever added to the FBI’s Most Wanted list!

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    10: Theodore Robert Bundy
    This man had to be among the most famous serial killers in history. He was also among the most notorious men to ever grace the FBI's most wanted list. I am of course talking about Theodore Robert Bundy, popularly known as Ted Bundy.

    9: William Bradford Bishop
    William Bradford Bishop is the very definition of a monster. While he definitely didn't kill as many people as Bundy, he was certainly a ruthless criminal. In 1976, Bishop allegedly beat his wife, his mother, and his children to death before vanishing.

    8: Osama bin Laden
    Osama bin Laden was certainly the most notorious terrorist in the world. But what a lot of people don't know is that he was on the wanted list of the FBI far before he masterminded the terrifying tragedy that unfolded on September 11th.

    7: Eugene Palmer
    Eugene Palmer allegedly killed his daughter-in-law on September 24, 2012. He supposedly shot her to death. This happened after Tammy Palmer, who was married to Eugene’s son, decided to get a restraining order against her husband.

    6: Billie Austin Bryant
    Billie Austin Bryant spent the least amount of time on the FBI’s most wanted list out of anyone. He was on and off again in just two hours! First, Bryant was convicted of bank robbery in 1968 for participating in at least 6 robberies in Washington D.C.

    5: Thomas James Holden
    Thomas James Holden was the very first man to get stuck on the FBI's most wanted list. But his career in being a criminal began much earlier in the 1920s when he robbed a mail train. Then in 1930, Holden escaped from the Leavenworth Penitentiary only to be recaptured on a golf course!

    4: Leslie Isben Rogge
    Leslie Isben Rogge robbed a bank in Florida back in 1984 and was arrested. At the time, he was suspected of robbing at least 25 additional banks. Leslie was convicted for the crime and sentenced to serve 25 years in jail.

    3: Ruth Eisemann-Schier
    Ruth Eisemann-Schier was the first woman ever put on the FBI’s most wanted list. To this date, there have only ever been 10 women placed on this list. She was added in 1968 after her and her boyfriend were charged with a savage kidnapping.

    2: James Earl Ray
    Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee. His killer was none other than James Earl Ray, who fired his rifle from the bathroom window of a nearby home.

    1: Victor Manuel Gerena
    Victor Manuel Gerena has been on the run for over 35 years! He was a militant Puerto Rican nationalist and one of the alleged conspirators in the 1983 Wells Fargo robbery that happened at an armored car depot in West Hartford.