10 EXTINCT Disneyland Attractions That Should NEVER Return



  • Maggie G.
    Maggie G. 15 hours ago

    I'm 'Old', so during MY childhood/Disneyland 'time' 'Innoventions' was awesome!!! My memories from 1964 (First time I remembered Disneyland, even though my parents took us 1+x's a year since it opened!!) clearly love the 'Country Bear Jamboree', & The ''Rockets''.. I LOVED LOVED LOVED The Grand Canyon Mule Ride best!!! I'm glad my now 16 yr old oldest granddaughter​ got to get the S#!t scared out of here on 'The Tower of Terror' too...lol ..

  • Chilis
    Chilis yesterday

    I thought it was a princess theater before mickey and the magical map was made lol
    or maybe it wasnt because it feels like a long time ago because i was a kid haha

  • Andrew Pytko
    Andrew Pytko yesterday

    The past often looks better than the future.

  • TheWishDragon
    TheWishDragon 2 days ago

    People are so mad in the comments. 😂 It's not gone forever, luckily there are other Disney parks! :D

  • The Iron Taylor
    The Iron Taylor 4 days ago

    they should bring back country bear jamberie i rember it in Disneyland it was great

  • Comment1
    Comment1 4 days ago

    In the 70's, they had Mosanto's "America the Beautiful" (360 theater, like the O Canada exhibit). We lived in Florida at the time, and my father and I went. He was ill with emphysema, but he loved this so much, and saw this presentation again and again. I went back to Disneyworld about six years ago, and saw O Canada twice (I really loved it, and people slam the music, but I loved that too). What I really remember is how much my dad (now long passed) would have loved this one as well. Soaring had the same kind of feel.

  • Just rose
    Just rose 5 days ago

    "If disney dosent bring back the people mover i will KILL myself, like romeo and juliet" *if yall get my quote ilysm*

  • Connor Vakian
    Connor Vakian 6 days ago


  • Lindsey Kimball
    Lindsey Kimball 10 days ago

    Awe yeah these are my people. Shrek 2 was the best movie ever. 🤘

  • DollSanity 24/7
    DollSanity 24/7 14 days ago

    I’ve never laughed so hard at a list like this! I love it!!!

  • My Passion for the Philippines

    Stupid donkey narrator

  • luke4496
    luke4496 17 days ago

    You forgot one... The people mover.

  • Naomi Hlovac
    Naomi Hlovac 19 days ago

    Would rather have Twighlight Zone Tower of Terror over anything Marvel or DC related.

  • Lycan Seijin
    Lycan Seijin 20 days ago

    10. I can't really shit on this one too much. It's an attraction that gets an A+ for effort. I mean, it's well known now that the U.S. military and the SS were trying to develop their own flying saucers, and since those prototypes never succeeded, the concept of the flying saucer (at least ones built by Earthlings) is still futuristic.
    9. This one I can't defend. Really, it's jus a generic spinner ride with a vague rocket ship theme. Maybe this was the first of it's kind as far as I know, but I've seen hundreds like this at carnivals and county fairs and such. Love ya, Walt, but you could've done better on this one.
    8. A theater...yay...
    7. Never been to California, ( because my parents knew better), so I don't know about this one or care.
    6. UGH! I saw Defunctland's whole video on this one and while I'm glad I never personally suffered it, Southern California is a place that deserves Super Star Limo.
    5. Freefalling drop rides don't sit well with me anyway. Meh.
    4. I can get that at any fair or carnival and it'd make me sick.
    3. The original's always best, yadda yadda yadda.
    2. That doesn't date the ride y any means. What's next? Darkwing Duck's Thunderquack Sky Chase?
    1. This one sounds like it could've been in Tomorrow Land on opening day. The only reason it failed is because the reality is...we're not really progressing or innovating that much. Aside from a few notable but ultimately minor innovations in space exploration, the only area of science and technology that's progressing is communications and information sharing. But what can you expect from a society that apparently thinks that "gender identity" and wasting tax money on lowlives and illegal aliens are worthwhile endeavors? Honestly, if we invested less in how much certain demographics are represented in the office and more in what ideas are brewing there, Inoventions would have no shortage of new exhibits coming in and out.

  • Amanda Caceres
    Amanda Caceres 24 days ago

    tbh I like mission breakout a bit more than i liked tower of terror, so I wasn't super upset when they changed it.

  • Benjamin Yates
    Benjamin Yates 24 days ago+1


  • Blutige Tränen
    Blutige Tränen 24 days ago

    I didn't close the window for Tower of Terror but I took you off of full-screen and was about half a second away from typing an angry comment before you said you loved it and just are excited for the change... now here I am.

  • IcePrincess751
    IcePrincess751 25 days ago+1

    Naw,The Tower of Terror was so much better the Gardians of the Galaxy.They should have left it alone,and put Gardians somewhere else.Why couldn't they just have had both?

  • Vincent Pippin
    Vincent Pippin 25 days ago+1

    Come on man, it was Orange STINGER, not "Stringer"...you could even see the bees all over the ride. Jeez.

  • jhanna14
    jhanna14 26 days ago

    Maelstorm (Norway ride at Epcot) turned into Frozen was a terrible idea. A fad cartoon from a great world showcase attraction.