The LEGEND of SSJ5! | Dragon Ball AF (Young Jijii) | COMPLETE STORY

  • Published on:  9/28/2019
  • Complete narration of Young Jijii's 17 chapters to Dragon Ball AF, complete with sound effects and music! Once YG has finished the post series arc additions, they will be added to this video and re-uploaded :)

    Series playlist

    Young Jijii

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    Tomac66, Xevious, and Brolen

    S/O to Comicstorian! He does this, but with American comics - HUGE inspiration for me!

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    What If Piccolo Jr. Turned Good Early?

    TeknoAxe - It's Totally and Completely Barbaric!
    TeknoAxe - Things Escalate Quickly
    TeknoAxe - Until Your Engine Stops Intermission
    Eric Taylor - Ambient and Mysterious
    Doug Maxwell - Reggae Wah
    OurMusicBox - Wrath of Sin
    Phatty Beats - Asian Nights
    Shibuya - Japanese Trap Beat
    Simone Geravini - Linkin Park Inspired Jam Track
    TeknoAxe - Basic Metal 9
    TeknoAxe - Emerging From the Light
    Retnik Beats - Wolf
    TeknoAxe -Fit of Rage
    Uniq- Japan
    TeknoAxe - Jagged Little
    TeknoAxe - Slow Motion
    Ender Guney - Epic War Music
    TeknoAxe - Basic Metal 8
    Essence of Datum - Animal
    TeknoAxe- The Breakdown
    OurMusicBox - Little Wack
    David Fesliyan - The Epic Boss Fight
    David Fesliyan - Boss Battle
    TeknoAxe - Funk You Over
    TeknoAxe -Down to the Last Second
    Anno Domini Beats - Dark Tranquility
    David Fesliyan - This Day We Die
    Anders - Dark Dust Dispatcher
    Retnik Beats - Wolf
    TeknoAxe - A Hero Steps Forward
    TeknoAxe - Access Denied
    David Fesliyan - Scouting Mission
    Jabbeats - Metal Trap Beat
    Broken Piano - Broken Way
    AShmaluevMusic - Epic Motivational
    Anders - Dark Dust Dispatcher
    Anders - Prepare To Fight
    Biocide - System (outro)

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