SpongeBob SquarePants 4-D/3-D The Ride! (2005)

  • Published on:  7/31/2016
  • Written By:
    C.H. Greenblatt
    Mark O' Hare

    Directed By:
    Tom Yasumi

    Story By:
    Steven Banks

    While SpongeBob was making another Krabby Patty, he looses the pickle that's supposed to complete the patty but the pickle was stolen! It was stolen by none other than...PATRICK?! It's up to SpongeBob to get the pickle back from Patrick! Will he save the pickle? Or will Patrick eat it? Watch the awesome 4-D ride to find out!

    You're Real-D 3D glasses that you got from the movie theater will not work on this. But if you're cross eyed, you can stare in the middle of the screen and it looks as though stuff is popping out at you! I'm not cross eyed, but I've tried doing the screen method and actually, it works a little bit! But if this doesn't work for you then I'm sorry.

    Release Date:
    June 2, 2005