Film Theory: The Rick and Morty / Gravity Falls CROSSOVER Conspiracy!

  • Published on:  5/11/2017
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    Rick and Morty is AWESOME! Between the Rick and Morty VR game and the surprise launch of Rick and Morty Season 3 on April Fool's Day, everyone is ready to get schwifty with Rick and the gang. But while we eagerly await more schezwan sauced adventures, there's a theory that's been brewing in the background, one that hits on one of my other favorite cartoons of all time -- Gravity Falls. Is Rick and Morty a continuation of Gravity Falls? Is a crossover between the Gravity Falls gang and Rick and Morty likely to happen soon? Why would I even think that these two franchises share ANY similarities? Get ready, Theorists, to have this whole Gravity Falls / Rick and Morty puzzle start getting pieced together.

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  • Charzar (May 11, 2017)

    Me: *Watches part about Book Number 3**Goes on Amazon**Goes to Checkout*"2-Day Shipping here I come!"

  • Haunted (14 hours ago)

    And then you see the priceMe: my life is a waste

  • christina's world (1 day ago)

    I already had the book

  • Mineboy4Lyfe (May 11, 2017)

    *Wouldn't they be connected anyway because in Rick and Morty there are an infinite number of universes therefore there are an infinite number of possibilities therefore even Spongebob would be connected to Rick and Morty?*

  • Jelena R (21 hours ago)

    +Bro laire its most likely that this wasn't the EXACT universe. Why would the simpsons be normal after that? I mean no one knows WHEN the couch gags happen, but even than. It could also be one out of infinit simpsons universes.. its hard to explain it in english 😂

  • Nyraj Najuzii (2 days ago)

    +Mineboy4Lyfe No, it would eventually eat the typewriter.

  • Carold Hastern (Jan 15, 2019)

    *This would be the best crossover ever*

  • Niksterrr (Mar 11, 2019)


  • No You (Feb 28, 2019)

    I REALLY hope it happens when season 4 comes out!

  • Chill Potato (Jan 21, 2019)

    I always imagine the creators of the show seeing this and then going, “hmmm... They’re catching on, send em all to the dungeons they know too much!”

  • Ej Sowden (5 hours ago)

    *Calls the Blind Eye*

  • Damon Dodson (Feb 7, 2019)

    Lol same

  • Green Dragon (Feb 9, 2019)

    Marvel:Avengers infinity war is the most ambitious crossover in history!Gravity Falls / Rick & Morty:Hold our beers!

  • Green Dragon (Mar 14, 2019)

    +Szeto Playz *_Yes_*

  • Szeto Playz (Mar 13, 2019)

    Where's the holy doggo from #DDM when you need him

  • Logan Johnson (Jan 29, 2019)

    I’ve been loving Gravity Falls since 2012

  • stikbot and more (Mar 16, 2019)

    It was released in 2013 lier

  • Saitama (Mar 9, 2019)

    Wasn't gravity falls realised in 2015?

  • Sean Got Gjally (May 22, 2017)

    "Hillarious characters..."*shows Mabel crying*

  • jewcy boy (Feb 19, 2019)

    Escanor Lion Sin of Pride honestly your iq must be 400

  • jewcy boy (Feb 18, 2019)

    Escanor Lion Sin of Pride epic roast

  • Sapphire Star (Feb 18, 2019)

    Damn that's one powerful Dorito.

  • The Seer (5 days ago)

    +baby lilyanna please no

  • baby lilyanna (6 days ago)

    oh oh oh oh ... EEEHHHHEEEMMMMM billl...diiippp

  • Leia Hameed Obaid Hameed (Nov 28, 2018)

    Gravity Falls and the Simpsons are both in Oregon...... Coincidence? I THINK NOTTTTT?!?!?!?!??!?!

  • SilverKat Draws (Mar 17, 2019)

    So is Life Is Strange

  • kristian rikardsen (Mar 17, 2019)

    +Spencer Nichols the Simpsons does not take place in different time, but in a different universe.

  • Hyper boull (Feb 19, 2019)

    What if there was a rick and morty episode when Rick,morty,Stan, and ford fight Bill Cipher?? Idk it just sounds cool!