Irish People Try Disgusting Alcohol Shots - Round 2

  • Published on:  8/12/2019
  • Yes, one of these is called a "Bloody Tampon" and of COURSE our Irish People tried it... MERCH MADNESS: Subscribe: | Instagram: Information:In a previous video on the channel, we had a select few of our Irish People try some of the most disgusting alcohol shots we could find. Seeing as you all enjoyed that video so much, we decided to bring the idea back - and get a new group in to taste test some unique mixes!The Tryers featured in this video:Éadaoin: http://TRY.Media/EadaoinMC (Mary-Claire): http://TRY.Media/MCRichard McConkey: http://TRY.Media/RichardSean MacGabhann: http://TRY.Media/SeanMcGJames Mitchell: http://TRY.Media/JamesDonal Sharpson: http://TRY.Media/DonalFollow The TRY Channel:Twitter: http://TRY.Media/TwitterFacebook: http://TRY.Media/FacebookInstagram: http://TRY.Media/InstagramSubreddit: more from The TRY Channel:Latest Uploads: https://TRY.Media/LatestUploadsPopular Uploads Playlist: https://TRY.Media/PopularUploadsTrying Alcohol Videos: https://TRY.Media/AlcoholTrying American Things: https://TRY.Media/American_If you'd like to send us stuff to TRY, our postal address for packages under $60*:The TRY ChannelPM3530292Unit C1, North City Business ParkNorth Road, Dublin 11D11 RW30Ireland(*If you're sending food/drink to use in a video, please send 4 variants with enough to share between six people.)Credits :Content produced by The TRY Channel.Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound.TRY is your new home on YouTube. A place where people try things for the first time. Similar to popular YouTube channels such as BuzzFeed, WatchCut, GMM & TheFineBros' React, our goal is to create content to entertain you and to bring a positive light to the start or end of your day.


  • The TRY Channel
    The TRY Channel  7 days ago+251

    What did you think of the shots this time? Vile & icky or not disgusting enough!? Give us some suggestions for more...unique shot ideas in the comments below! 🍸Did someone say...round 3? 😈

  • MCluvs2laugh
    MCluvs2laugh 7 days ago+783

    A dark cloud of sad, coming to a bar near you.

  • B. C.D.
    B. C.D. 7 days ago+237

    The drinking videos need Ciara, Dermot and Leather Jacket Guy.....those 3 should be mandatory in drinking videos

  • Barb DeSouza
    Barb DeSouza 7 days ago+532

    I want another shots video with Ciara. She only looks mildly inconvenienced while everyone else becomes incapacitated.

  • Matthew Lindahl
    Matthew Lindahl 7 days ago+189

    Having another alcohol video without LJG and/or Ciara, is alcohol abuse and you should be ashamed.

  • Alexis Moe
    Alexis Moe 7 days ago+281

    I love Eadaoin and mc together!! Right out the gate im ready for this video

  • Iron Tongue
    Iron Tongue 7 days ago+182

    Eaodoin and Sweet MC are the perfect eating & drinking partners

  • Musicluvr4
    Musicluvr4 7 days ago+201

    Actually a little embarrassing how quickly I clicked the notification for this, but I regret nothing! Lol

  • FeedGotcha
    FeedGotcha 7 days ago+58

    Ciara vs leather jacket guy

  • Stephen Macuch
    Stephen Macuch 7 days ago+100

    Donal at 2:08 reminds me of my cat sneezing. And again at 8:20.
    "Look, we've gotta to prove to these Americans that the Irish can drink, and alcoholism is still part of our tradition." Not necessary, laddie, we've been well aware of that for quite a while, now....

  • Richard Beach
    Richard Beach 7 days ago+62

    You should add a line of shot glasses and drink glasses with the TRY logo in your merch store. They would go over big.

  • EatTheRude
    EatTheRude 7 days ago+84

    "It's like we just got out of Potions class!"
    Potions class was never this scary.

  • Jaime Reynolds
    Jaime Reynolds 7 days ago+107

    "I don't like the way there's lumps in it" 😂

    SHARUF! 7 days ago+54

    Lads the thumbnail! 😂😂😂 Éads face! 🤣

  • Brandon Griffey
    Brandon Griffey 7 days ago+74

    The first one is a spicy shot seconds after they complained about not liking spicyy food. Classic try channel

  • Richard McConkey
    Richard McConkey 7 days ago+51

    A lot of these grew on me, even 'The Void'

  • Mitch McCasland
    Mitch McCasland 7 days ago+77

    Éadaoin: Does your “friend” have a last name?

  • Dave Dahl
    Dave Dahl 7 days ago+22

    You should have them try Durian liquor
    Along with other exotic fruit

  • Emaley Bacher
    Emaley Bacher 7 days ago+7

    More Mary Claire/Eadaoin together!!! They’re my favorite pair💓

    HAIL PROPHECY 7 days ago+29

    Leather Jacket Guy would've loved this