2016 NFC Championship Game Atlanta Falcons Vs Green Bay Packers NFL Full Game



  • gor9027 11 months ago

    Best game in Falcons history only to be followed by arguably the most heartbreaking loss in NFL history.

  • JZilla Gamin 14 days ago

    D.T.N Professional Window Cleaning the room to get to a party 🎉 said the same day that she is the first woman a woman of that kind to unkind

  • JZilla Gamin 14 days ago

    D.T.N Professional Window Cleaning the game with no

  • I went to sleep listening to music and i woke up listing to a football game...

  • Christopher Ferachi 22 hours ago

    We will have our Juice back this coming season.. mark my words dirty birds #RISEUP

  • Justin Roach 11 months ago

    Man if you could I wish you could upload week 4 Carolina Panthers versus Atlanta Falcons Matt Ryan 503 yards passing Julio 300 yards receiving

  • Ur mum Gey 22 days ago

    Sean Jones the 500 passing yards happens all the time but 300 will obviously happen again in the next 5 years but together that will take atmost 20 years

  • Kevion Harris 28 days ago

    Justin Roach I can’t stop watching this game and Week 4 I was at that game vs Carolina I was sitting at the top that game was 🔥

  • dirtybirds2323 11 months ago

    One of my favorite game as a falcons fan boy I thought we were gonna be champs !! ( we were for 3qtrs )

  • M Rodriguez 2 days ago

    Champs of choking

  • Pepper 526 1 months ago

    TheAireaidLord you know damn well all we cared about was the saints not doing it 😂

  • phillymade icon 11 months ago

    Damn I remember how happy I was that night

  • Ryder Startzman 6 months ago

    nick robles stfu up dumbass

  • clowner D urban 7 months ago

    @Prolifik Wuhn can 0i0 v

  • Thomas Cox yesterday

    I don’t remember the packers being this good recently how did they get to this game?

  • Sir McFiggles 7 hours ago

    Man the Falcons were great in this game! I hope they took this talent and momentum into the Super Bow-- oh right.

  • Slim Ware 1 months ago

    I was at the Tv like .. Whoop his AZZ!! Smokey voice

  • cd3224 _ 6 months ago

    I’m gonna miss that season. Atlanta should’ve had an even better team this season but injuries killed us