OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Silly Fast!

  • Published on:  5/14/2019
  • OnePlus 7 Pro is crazy fast in all the right ways. For $669. Nice.
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  • Shahood Baig (5 days ago)

    Everyone posted the oneplus 7 pro review at the same time. I chose MKBHD.

  • Ment GSM solution (6 hours ago)

    One thing you need to now

  • Ehsan Uk99 (6 hours ago)


  • Udit Tamrakar (3 days ago)

    I'm getting ads by Xiaomi congratulating OnePlus for 7

  • Jason W (31 minutes ago)

    ​+Marc people only believe what they want to's useless to explain to them

  • Marc (49 minutes ago)

    +sLiDeR ?oneplus and xiaomi are market drived companies.... Not stated owned companies

  • Fox (2 days ago)

    I was like "okay it's fast" but when you opened Spotify and it took literally milliseconds, it blew my mind HARD.

  • Lukas Götz (20 hours ago)


  • Kumar Samyak (1 day ago)

    "Either you die a flagship killer, or you live long enough to become one"

  • GOD 7X (2 hours ago)

    +Valentin no wireless charging no IP certification ...midrange lvl headphone jack

  • Valentin (6 hours ago)

    +GOD 7X it has better features tho

  • xyoxus (3 days ago)

    2 month old S10 review: 4.3 Mio. views2 day old 1+7 review: 4.1 Mio. viewsNot bad

  • That Memester (5 days ago)

    Nebula blue huh? How about gamora green Or thanos purple?

  • tien3000 (15 hours ago)

    Ironman Red is coming

  • tien3000 (15 hours ago)


  • Amiraz Iiab (3 days ago)

    You have the best electronics reviews on YouTube. Thanks for your honest and amazing reviews! We’re very appreciative ❤️

  • Amiraz Iiab (16 hours ago)

    k7 that’s YOUR opinion. I THINK he’s amazing.

  • k7 (1 day ago)

    +Al-AMEEN BELLO flossy carter(straight up), Dave lee..

  • Happiness Bunny (2 days ago)

    I remember when Samsung phones cost around $700

  • Johannes Räbinä (16 hours ago)

    No joke you deserve a veteran's discount 😂

  • xXuidmod (3 days ago)

    Camera is actually pretty good I would probably increase contrast and saturation slightly but that’s it

  • richy reyes (11 hours ago)

    Yeah they making the camera kinda look bad but it's not that bad

  • sultanabran1 (21 hours ago)

    a lot beginners at photo editing do that

  • Arpan Kaushik (1 day ago)

    Iphone will be 6690 bucks, for a popup camera!

  • Tee Ngô (1 day ago)

    I like Apple but they are so overpriced.