Catch and Cook: Two HUGE VENOMOUS BLUE FISH!!! Let's Eat

  • Published on:  12/29/2017
  • Really fun kayak catch and cook video filed with Die Hard Fishing. He on a Hobie and myself on an Ocean Kayak Caper. These Cabezon and Lingcod have the most vibrant colored meat and organs. This color is very uncommon in other types of fish but Cabezon and Lingcod often display this trait. They have spines on their heads which are venomous and can cause burning, swelling and hospitalization if pricked. Their meat turns from blue to white when cooked and is perfectly fine to eat. Their eggs are however poisonous to humans.

    Die Hard Fishing:

    Fisherman's Life Hoodies, Long Sleeves and Tee's:

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    Swimbait "Creeping Death":
    Fishing Reel - Shimano Socorro SW5000:
    3oz Jig Heads

    ChyRose Custom Knife:

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