THIS is what Windows 10 should look like! - Custom Windows Image Tutorial

  • Published on:  12/29/2020
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    Let's face it... Windows Pro hasn't been a 'professional' operating system since the Windows 7 days.Between the lack of control over updates, and the 12 versions of Candy Crush, Roblox or WORLDOFSHADOWRAIDTANKLEGENDS, I say it's time we took it back. Today, I'm going through the process of creating a 100% CLEAN Windows 10 Pro image... because you're worth it.

    But first... What am I drinking???

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    Windows ADK -

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    Shades of Spring by Kevin MacLeod

    00:00 - Intro
    01:57 - Prerequisites
    03:33 - Creating an Answer File
    08:17 - Windows 10 First Boot
    16:11 - Declutter, Debloat
    25:16 - Sysprep
    27:11 - Capturing Your Image
    29:26 - Adding Image to WDS
    31:19 - RESULTS!