Gingerbread House Ideas DIY - Gingerbread House Kit, Watermelon Santa Claus

  • Published on:  12/5/2019
    In Indian five star hotels we have been making gingerbread houses for guests for a long time an i made many ginger houses during Christmas and
    Heat a pan add 200 g of sugar and mix it.
    Then make caramel sugar syrup.or you can use honey
    Now transfer in to a bowl

    In a bowl add 60 g of butter
    Add 1 egg
    Add 20 g of cinnamon powder
    Add 20 g of ginger powder
    Add 120 g of brown sugar and mix it.
    Now add 125 ml of sugar syrup or honey
    Add 400 g of all purpose flour
    And mix it nicely.
    Then roll it flat cut the shape you want
    Put the oven 180 degrees for 12 minutes.
    After baking the sheets decorate with icing sugar.
    In a bowl add egg white and whisk it.
    And add 100 g of sugar powder and whisk it again
    Then take piping bag put in to glass
    And pour this mixture and decorate in any cakes