Dutchess Reveals The Storylines Of 'Black Ink Crew', Brings Receipts To Expose Ceaser

  • Published on:  12/13/2017
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  • Emanuel Dillard
    Emanuel Dillard 21 minutes ago

    and she still is a Gem!

  • Emanuel Dillard
    Emanuel Dillard 21 minutes ago

    Ceasar messed up now. Dutchess was a gem!

  • Emanuel Dillard
    Emanuel Dillard 22 minutes ago

    I love her !!!

  • telia dixon
    telia dixon 3 hours ago

    I miss her on the show. But she is definitely spilling the tea with receipts. But duchess definitely look like Tommy from love in hip hop a little.

  • Jimi Beamon
    Jimi Beamon 21 hours ago

    One Bitter soul

  • Jadea Campbell
    Jadea Campbell yesterday

    Damm she just changed my perspective on her. I like her now

  • deza tyanna
    deza tyanna yesterday

    Shout out to Southwest Memorial Chapels in Chicago, IL 60652 that does just that.

  • ChanelSaysWhaat!
    ChanelSaysWhaat! 3 days ago

    One thing I will say is dutchess was out of order for getting involved in skye bizness.. She over stepped her bounds!!!! She shouldn't of had him in her shop talkin about skye biz

  • artavia boyd
    artavia boyd 3 days ago

    😵😵😵😵 ion even like her but I BELIEVE every word , wow so thats why people get on these shows with people they been friends for 10 plus years & end never talking again its cause they selling their souls & loyalty for fame .

  • lydia sykes
    lydia sykes 4 days ago

    #TEAM DUTCHESS. Destined for greatness

  • Melanie Adams
    Melanie Adams 4 days ago

    You can get palimony in some states.

  • tiara little
    tiara little 4 days ago

    throw the whole network away VH1
    every story is fake

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig 5 days ago

    They really demonized Dutchess on the show and this just shows she didn't deserve it

  • C
    C 5 days ago

    Whether all of what she said was true or not, the fact remains that she didn't go on the radio until he did. She is allowed to tell her side and clear her name.

  • Shanna Collins
    Shanna Collins 5 days ago

    So glad she's not on the how anymore. She definitely had an off-putting personality and seemed out of place with the New York crew.

  • GHOST 5.0 GT
    GHOST 5.0 GT 6 days ago

    I love how her mouth made she talk with her bottom teeth

  • Dominique T
    Dominique T 6 days ago

    Then talks about his mom's marriage? She believes that because her parents are married & others aren't that nobody knows anything about marriage & fidelity? That's crazy.

  • kyaaa M
    kyaaa M 7 days ago

    I’m not hating on dutches but she sounds like a manipulating women. She really doesn’t answer the questions that are being asked . Yes or No but quick to point out others .

  • L. Chill T.
    L. Chill T. 7 days ago

    I am impressed in her

  • oliverrando
    oliverrando 8 days ago

    man dutchess to me is pretty