Claire's 9 Essential Baking Techniques (#8 Will SHOCK You) | Dessert Person

  • Published on:  5/27/2021
  • Claire's 9 Essential Baking Techniques (#8 Will SHOCK You) | Dessert Person.
    Claire Saffitz goes through and explains her 9 Essential Pastry/Baking Techniques. Follow along as these techniques and end points will put all home bakers on the road to success. This video gives a number of helpful visual references for key techniques (How to Make Caramel, How To Crimp Pie Crust & How To Whip Cream) that are mentioned several times throughout Dessert Person. Visit this video and refer to it as you need if you're unsure of what a step should look like or how to do it.
    Keep tuning in and we’ll be back with more recipes from Dessert Person soon.


    0:00 Start
    0:07 Intro To Claire’s 9 Essential Baking Techniques
    0:44 Dessert Person Animation
    1:07 How To Fill A Pastry Bag
    4:19 How To Line A Cake Pan
    6:58 How To Crimp Pie Crust
    10:37 How To Measure Flour
    12:12 How To Whip Cream
    15:23 How To Proof Yeast
    17:41 How To Make Caramel
    22:24 How To…
    25:23 How To Set Up Double Boiler
    27:52 Outro
    28:12 Bisquick Being Bisquick

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