LeBron James is allegedly having an affair with Beyonce knowles-carter.

  • Published on:  6/12/2018


  • Brooklyn Kelz 1 years ago

    I don’t believe it neither. Definitely click bait!

  • og stuffwhites 1 years ago

    Coonceno and his fake news smh btb 📺 💯

  • Bernard Keaton 1 years ago

    og stuffwhites Facts....

  • LadyiSh09 1 years ago

    yeah hes got HUGE agenda against Beyoncé and Jay Z

  • jazz93 1 years ago

    They ARE NOT BOYS. Jay didn’t go to his wedding and LeBron didn’t go to his wedding and Jay Z dropped him from the label years ago and stopped showing up to his games court side

  • BIG NY 1 years ago

    jazz93 brBecause he was fuckin solonge. Or her cousin

  • dukebdevils1 1 years ago

    Seem like he sleepy, he keep dozing off on the video. Peace god, peace

  • KONJ BTBTV 1 years ago

    Peace God! Just been grinding hard

  • Furious Leo 1 years ago

    If Lebron is then thats a W for him but I highly doubt but probably smashing Solange and thats why it would be good for him to come to HTown so they can be closer together😄😄😄😄

  • Maya Mo 9 months ago

    wtf how is that a W? Him being a faithful husband and father is a W. No need for these fake ass rumors..

  • Jordan A. 1 years ago

    Furious Leo lebron wife sexy tho lol


  • Sonof Peter 1 years ago

    This type of stuff happens all the time. It is not really beyond believe that they slept together. Now if it's true or not? Let wait for facts to come out.

  • KONJ BTBTV 1 years ago

    Definitely bro

  • critically moist 1 years ago

    People never wanna believe something that affects they're reality oh well I believe it

  • Rashad Little 1 years ago

    Boss Anything is Possible, you never know what somebody's doing behind closed doors somebody can smile in your face and be smashing your husband or wife behind your back you just never know what a person will do..

  • mr ohio 1 years ago

    That a good fake rumor to start spreading. Lambo gotta be broke n miserable...

  • KONJ BTBTV 1 years ago

    Facts! Lol