• Published on:  5/12/2019
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  • FRISHR 1 months ago

    Nigahiga: Disney ChannelSidemen: PornHub

  • Bobby Shmurda yesterday


  • The_Main_Shinobi 12 days ago

    Definitely Ethan

  • OmegaMeep 1 months ago

    Sidemen: *Drinks beer and are loud af*RHPC: *Drinks juice and stays quiet*

  • RhinoTheDad 5 hours ago

    Go back to their channel than, it's more suitable for your age anyways.

  • Roman A. 1 months ago

    It's like immature people vs mostly mature people

  • Xela 2 days ago

    Look now these comments are getting immature like chill out it’s just peoples opinions don’t take offense

  • Let’s be honest....We were all rooting for Ryan

  • Cory McDonald 21 hours ago

    And let’s be honest everyone that agrees is American

  • Cory McDonald 21 hours ago

    Exceed in dreaming, Let’s go! No

  • nigahiga 2 months ago

    My arm still hurts... jerk

  • Josh Kapels 1 months ago

    I love both groups but they do not mesh well together 😂😂

  • henryh10x_ 10 days ago

    That's the point

  • Mystic Alpha 17 days ago

    I like nigahiga better

  • When it comes to flipping things, no one can beat rhpc🤣🤣 i loved how they raised their shoulders at the end, so iconic😍

  • Like The Sun 21 hours ago

    Well one of them said lets shrug at the same timr

  • aditya singh 9 days ago

    they suck

  • Chris Biba 1 months ago

    Team Higa working like an absolute unit😂

  • Viet Nguyen 4 days ago

    @RhinoTheDad pity boy

  • RhinoTheDad 12 days ago

    Al’ Akirerino Kripperino for real, sidemen were winning by a ton and Harry was just like lemme be retarded real quick

  • Ayushman Thapa 1 months ago

    paco: " man, deji is cooler"ksi: NANI?!

  • Tv and Movie clips 1 months ago

    Ayushman Thapa what part

  • Girl With Love 1 months ago

    I was looking for this comment 😂😂😂😂

  • Leirbag 2 months ago

    7:26 *Top 10 anime comebacks of all time*

  • RhinoTheDad 29 days ago

    My mans Harry was legit just taking his time. Like really taking his time. Then he drops the cups.... bruh.

  • ThatGuy a months ago

    Without a doubt !