• Published on:  10/9/2018
  • Hey babes! How yew doooin?? Hope you enjoyed this video testing out the new Kylie Cosmetics 2018 Halloween Collection! Leave me a comment down below what you guys thought and if you'll be purchasing!!!*this was sent to me, but this is NOT a sponsored video*--------------------------------------------------------------Stay Connected With Me:Snapchat: nicolconcilio @nicolconcilio @nicolconcilio @nicolconcilio---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Discount Codes:Morphe Brushes: "NICOL" at checkout or in storesLilly Lashes "nicol" at checkout or in storesArtist Couture code "NICOL" at checkoutOfra Cosmetics code "NICOL" at checkout


  • Alfred Freedom Jones 9 months ago

    Nicol: I looove Kylie!Kylie: *collabs with James*Nicol: Nicol:Nicol: her kit is trash

  • Joy Victor 3 months ago

    True shit why here

  • Faegan Mara 6 months ago


  • Hey There 9 months ago

    I feel like she’s forcing herself to say negative things about KC now bc of all the backlash she’s had recentlyLike sis if you like it , then say you like it. Don’t force yourself to say you hate something you like just to satisfy others.

  • maisie garletts 3 months ago

    exactly. i personally have had GREAT experiences with kylie’s stuff and now i can’t stop buying it!!!!! Nicol should definitely be true to herself i’m someone who is a p r o u d kylie fan!

  • klarion dislikes 9 months ago

    when kylie jenner does a collab with another youtuber and pisses you off:edit: IM SHOOK HOW DID THIS BLOW UP ILYSM FAM

  • Quadrilateral 3 months ago

    1.3k likheee 🌝

  • Mape04  9 months ago

    It’s funny how she went from loving every single collection to hating this one

  • Lauren Musilli 7 months ago

    She's hated other collections before this one

  • Leah Browne xo 9 months ago

    Mape04 sis she’s aloud her own opinion

  • Amelia Perez 9 months ago

    It’s really noticeable that she’s angry/sad for Kylie colaborate with James and not with her; because it’s REALLY weird that one day to another she doesn’t like almost anything

  • w 9 months ago

    Nobody cares abiut james..

  • Neon Bandito 9 months ago

    She definetly watched sebastian williams videos loll

  • Laney Cole 9 months ago

    I kinda feel like this is an extra negative review because you have given so many positive reviews on her stuff and people got salty.

  • Abby W 9 months ago

    lanjanman yessss

  • Lara Henrickson 9 months ago

    Well this is the last Kylie review we will be seeing from her bc Kylie isn't going to be sending her anything after this.

  • Kylie Lewellen 9 months ago

    Weird how she doesn’t like this ONE kylie collection and it’s after James uploaded a collab w her lolol

  • kamar abdelzahra 9 months ago

    Kylie Lewellen lol

  • Angelina 9 months ago

    she’s just popping out all these collections every month and not even giving any effort anymore . that’s why she lost her hype

  • Chikin Kween 7 months ago

    angel 508 it’s like she spends so much time on the packaging she forgets to make the product good