Your Ideal Dessert Based on Zodiac Sign

  • Published on:  11/5/2018
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  • Ananda Brock
    Ananda Brock 9 months ago+10840

    Who just skipped to their zodiac sign?

  • Tyson Wiggins
    Tyson Wiggins 7 days ago+356

    Who else skipped to their zodiac sign and thought “Why the heck would that be my dessert”

  • Potato Ghost
    Potato Ghost 1 months ago+827

    Me- I’m Aries!
    (Continues watching)
    (Sees white wine)
    nOt iN mY cHrIsTiAn hOuSeHoLd

  • Katelyn Klemm
    Katelyn Klemm 14 days ago+274

    Me: Geez I’m a Scorpio and they are saying I’m intense
    Also me: stares intensely at my cat licking its butt
    Me: Yep don’t see it

  • Thatgamingirl 2000
    Thatgamingirl 2000 1 months ago+429

    Of course cancer gets the best one
    AnD gEmInI gEtS tHe CoNfUsInG oNe
    Edit: in my opinion 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Jung Kookie
    Jung Kookie 2 months ago+2273

    Who is thinking “That is definitely not my ideal type of dessert but another zodiac signs dessert.”

  • Assessed lake
    Assessed lake 14 days ago+220

    I was really dissapointed for mine 😂 Gemini's. It was low-key disappointing. Cool video though

  • Mestiki Moe
    Mestiki Moe 7 days ago+96

    Me: Intense, tough Scorpio
    The dessert: is delicious
    Me: happy face

  • Miss Lucital
    Miss Lucital 7 days ago+98

    Libra as me: sees butter cream pineapple cupcakes

  • WhaleMom uvu
    WhaleMom uvu 14 days ago+58

    gettin sick and tired of every Libra thing having coconut and pineapple
    Why is that the only flavor we get π_π

  • Sakura Blossoms HT
    Sakura Blossoms HT 3 months ago+3403

    Aries 0:09
    Taurus 0:57
    Gemini 1:53
    Cancer 3:10
    Leo 4:17
    Virgo 5:40
    Libra 6:51
    Scorpio 7:53
    Sagittarius 8:17
    Capricorn 9:47
    Aquarius 10:11
    Pisces 10:50
    Hope I helped. :)

  • Eagle TheAssassin
    Eagle TheAssassin 14 days ago+30

    They put “magic chocolate ball” for both Leo ♌️ and Virgo ♍️

  • Kat_ Drawzz
    Kat_ Drawzz 7 days ago+13

    Did any other pisces skip to the end cause they knew they'd be last

  • Valerie Rodriguez
    Valerie Rodriguez 7 days ago+8

    Me - I’m Cancer

  • *P S Y C H O* *P A T H*

    Time Stamp:
    Aries - 0:08 = Fruit and Wine Sorbet
    Taurus - 0:58 = Açai Meringue Cookies
    Gemini - 1:54 = Watermelon Dessert Pizza
    Cancer - 3:10 = Giant PB Cup
    Leo - 4:15 = Magic Chocolate Ball
    Virgo - 5:40 = Magic Chocolate Ball (Cake pop edition)
    Libra - 6:50 = Piña Colada Cupcakes
    Scorpio - 7:54 = Chilli Hot Chocolate
    Sagittarius - 8:17 = Pakoras
    Capricorn - 9:47 = Microwave Chocolate Muffin
    Aquarius - 10:11 = Spaghetti Sundae
    Pisces - 10:50 = Aquarium Cookies

  • Najoua Mrabt
    Najoua Mrabt 7 days ago+13

    Who is a sagittarius and really despondent of the dessert that he had♐😔

  • Audrey Burch
    Audrey Burch 7 days ago+8

    me:is cacer
    also me: sees penut butter cup
    also me: HAIL YASS PEOPLE

  • not today satan
    not today satan 7 days ago+4

    Me: I think I'm a Taurus so this should be good
    *sees my desert*
    Also me: so I am confusion

  • Ravenclaw Student
    Ravenclaw Student 14 days ago+9

    I'm a Taurus but I love cheesecake🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Adrian S.
    Adrian S. 9 months ago+1623

    Oh hey Gemini!
    -hates watermelon
    -hates coconut
    -is allergic to strawberries
    Slow clap