My Truth

  • Published on:  8/21/2018
  • Hi Everyone,

    Here are the 2 videos I mention in my video:

    - The history of the word:
    - Why “every word doesn’t belong to everyone”:

    There has been a lot going on recently and i wanted to sit down and talk to yall about what my truth is. I want to apologize to y'all on camera as well as clear up a lot of whats been going on because i had taken time to reflect and during that time a lot of assumptions have been made. Please note that these are my feelings and what I experienced and just that so dont let this video be the final say on anything because i say its my truth, but allow people and actions to show you.

    Ill still be taking some time for myself after this video but just know that im feeling a lot better and am doing better and will be back.

    Gabriel 💜