10 Pets That Returned Home After Being Lost!

  • Published on:  2/24/2020
  • Hi, it’s Katrina! Having a pet go missing is one of the most crushing things that can happen to someone. But from dogs missing for 12 years to cats surviving a fire, here are 10 amazing stories of animals that returned home!

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    10. Dutchess The Dog
    Katheryn Strang’s fox terrier, Dutchess, went missing from her home near Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida in February 2007. Then, in October 2019 -- over 12 years later -- someone found Dutchess underneath a shed in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh -- over 1,000 miles away from where she’d disappeared from.

    9. Cat Lost In Fire
    As devastating wildfires rage through the Australian bushlands with no apparent end in sight, many families have had no choice but to evacuate their homes, and some have lost everything. Ben Symonds and his family fought the flames outside their house in Bemboka, New South Wales for as long as they possibly could, but as the fire encroached on their home, they realized they needed to pack up and leave.

    8. Shaggy The Yorkie
    Chicago resident Tina Anderson wasn’t overly concerned at first when her Yorkshire Terrier, Shaggy, escaped from her backyard eight years ago. Shaggy had gotten loose before, but he always returned. But the pup was gone longer than usual, and it soon became clear that this wasn’t one of Shaggy’s typical brief departures from the family home.

    7. Childhood Friends Reunite
    Oregon teen Hannah Rountree’s beloved childhood cat, Spunky, went missing over three years ago while the family was away on vacation. After a months-long search, Hannah concluded that Spunky may have passed away or been taken in by another family.

    6. Opie the Horse
    In 2003, Michelle Pool of Eureka, Arkansas, went to the hospital to have surgery on her back. Instead of paying the expensive boarding fees for her horse, Opie, she asked her father in San Antonio, Texas to watch over him while she recovered.

    5. Sasha’s Five-Year “Adventure”
    Viktor Usov’s fluffy black cat, Sasha, disappeared from his Portland, Oregon home in 2014, just a few months after Usov adopted him. The distraught pet owner assumed Sasha had been devoured by coyotes, but he couldn’t have been more wrong.

    4. A Christmas Eve Reunion
    English couple Jude and John Kinloch were preparing to move in February 2013 when their 13-year-old cat, Tabs, went missing. When Tabs failed to reappear, they were utterly devastated. Over six years later, on Christmas Eve of last year, a 32-year-old mother of three and animal lover named Lisa Jones discovered an ailing cat in the street in Gillingham, Kent. The cat was in a pitiful state, emaciated and covered in sores.

    3. King The Dog
    Bailey Lawrence of College Park, Georgia was just five years old when her cherished dog, King, vanished from her family’s backyard. The Lawrences were suspicious about King’s disappearance because he was tied when he went missing, but since they were admittedly unsure what happened, they did not file a police report.

    2. Cat Survives A Wildfire
    Kimberly Timpe-Forseth of Redding, California was 16 years old when her dad brought home a Siamese kitten, who quickly became her best friend. The family affectionately called him “Little Brat” due to his feisty tendencies. As he grew up and calmed down a bit, they renamed him “Little B.”

    1. The 2,000 Mile Ride Home
    In October 2019, a Butte, Montana resident and single mother of two named Cassandra Rasmussen kindly allowed a needy family friend to stay at her home temporarily. To her dismay, the houseguest responded to her generosity by robbing the home and disappearing while she was at work one day.