My Parents Became Psychopaths The Day My Brother Was Born

  • Published on:  5/10/2019
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  • HUMA ADNAN 1 months ago

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  • You should've used protection *SAYS THE MAN WHO DID IT*

  • TOXIC GENELOSIS 2 days ago

    That’s birth control

  • kkya 4 days ago

    oh I thought she cheated

  • Gacha Blox 28 days ago

    “YOU SHOULD’VE USED PROTECTION”And you shoulda used condoms

  • lavaplayz 14 hours ago


  • Jessy Sanchez 3 days ago

    ii_possumz it said “you could have used protection SHE quicked back”

  • OOFLEZ 1 months ago

    How the hell did these parents become psychopaths over 1 child.I friggin have 7 siblings TF???Edit: How'd this get so many likes???Another Edit: *Boiz* *we* *made* *it* *250+* *likes!*Some other Edit' *We* *hit* *over* *350!*

  • Aj D 18 hours ago

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  • Asshole Mc Gashole 1 months ago

    "MY Brother didn't deserve this"Damn thats the first

  • Rasyld lel 5 days ago

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  • 34M GD 5 days ago

    Rasyld lel what does thanos mean?

  • The best Of the best 1 months ago

    He could have used protection Y is he blaming herEdit:thank you guys for all the likes (I've never had so many)

  • Werner Kersfeld 7 hours ago

    Alissa RBLX yes, they are both at fault. I am a woman myself and have taken the pill with no problem. I am not sexually active but my mom insists that I take the pill (she don’t trust me). You can try different pills and figure out which work for you, you most certainly will find one that works. People can be allergic to the material condoms are made of, so they sometimes can’t use them.

  • Alissa RBLX 7 hours ago

    Werner Kersfeld and they blaming him cuz he gives her the fault but both do so they defending the mom

  • Cheesiepasta2812 1 months ago

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  • oscar allen 4 days ago

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  • Felicja davis 20 days ago

    You should’ve used protection!!Dude you’re saying that to a woman, you wear condom

  • Deakin Abraham 19 hours ago

    When i hit show reply it said hide REPLIESHmMmMmMmMmMmMmMmMmMmwAiT a MiNuTe

  • Werner Kersfeld 9 days ago

    Felicja davis she could have taken the pill. It’s both of their fault.

  • Jaime Monteleone a months ago

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  • Potato Man 1 months ago

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