10 Most MYSTERIOUS Abandoned Trains Recently Discovered!

  • Published on:  5/21/2020
  • Every train has a story, no matter how overgrown, or seemingly ordinary it is. From a tragedy that never was to graveyards that are chock-full of historic relics, here are ten amazing abandoned trains and train cemeteries.

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    10. Bolivia’s Great Train Graveyard
    Near the mesmerizing salt flats of Uyuni, Bolivia, and less than two miles (3 km) from the local train station sits the “Great Train Graveyard,” or “Train Cemetery. ”

    9. Yaniv Railway Station
    Located on the southern outskirts of Pripyat, Ukraine, the Yaniv Railway Station was commissioned in 1925 and played a vital role in the construction of the ill-fated Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and its nearby village 40 years later.

    8. FDR’S Train?
    In an undisclosed location deep underneath Grand Central Terminal in New York City, there’s a secret 1930s-era train station housing a single track that was built solely for then-President Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Track 61. According to legend, the native New Yorker, who didn’t want anyone to know he suffered from polio, used the station for his frequent visits to the Big Apple.

    7. Thessaloniki Train Cemetery
    Outside Greece’s second-largest city, Thessaloniki, there’s an ever-expanding graveyard of decommissioned trains left behind by the Hellenic Railways Organisation, the country’s national rail company. Currently numbering over 1,000, they began accumulating among the site’s 10 tracks during the 1980s, or perhaps a little earlier, and are now a haven for urban explorers.

    6. Maine Locomotives
    There are remnants of northern Maine’s bygone logging industry scattered throughout the region’s dense, thick forests, including two rusting steam-powered locomotives that once navigated along a short, 13-mile railway between two lakes.

    5. The Trolly Tragedy
    In 2015, Seph Lawless, a photographer known for his pictures of abandoned places, captured pictures of what appears to be the remains of a tragic train wreck deep in the woods of Jefferson County, Ohio, near the Pennsylvania border. He described what he found as resembling something straight out of an “apocalyptic horror movie.”

    4. A Train Wrecked For Hollywood
    You guys remember the 1993 film The Fugitive, starring Harrison Ford? Yeah that one? That was on TV all the time!!
    It contains a famous scene in which a freight train smashes into the main character, Richard Kimble’s transport bus.

    3. Red Star Train Graveyard
    The massive, mostly-abandoned Red Star Train Graveyard, also called the Istvántelek Train Yard, is located outside Budapest, Hungary. The Hungarian railway network built the yard during the early 20th century as a place for performing maintenance and repairs on its rapidly expanding fleet.

    2. The Whistler Train Wreck
    Deep in the woods near the Cheakamus River in Whistler, Canada, there’s a stream of mangled, decaying, graffiti-covered boxcars that were destroyed in a 1956 wreck and subsequently abandoned.

    1. Hundreds Of Locomotives
    In 2017, Fox 10 Phoenix reported on the 300 or so unused Union Pacific diesel locomotives sitting neatly along the tracks near Interstate 10 between Benson and Tucson, Arizona. Many people had noticed them, silently sitting end-to-end, and expressed curiosity.