The Drill we sent to Mars - Smarter Every Day 143

  • Published on:  10/22/2015
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  • Adonis
    Adonis 3 years ago+1356

    The rover is way bigger than I thought it was.

  • ALet338
    ALet338 2 years ago+842

    "I'm gonna let Meghan explain what they're for" proceeds to explain what they're for while Meghan goes "yep"

  • Warren Garabrandt
    Warren Garabrandt 2 years ago+329

    You think the video is too long for an Internet video? 12 minutes is not long enough when the content is this entertaining and informative. Keep up the great work!

  • Jackson Gilbert
    Jackson Gilbert 2 years ago+279

    this dude just confirmed water on mars and acted like it was no big deal

  • Kaleb Bruwer
    Kaleb Bruwer 3 years ago+568

    1:58 did someone draw a smiley face on curiosity?

  • Derfoklishe
    Derfoklishe 3 years ago+159

    7:13 that "yeah", man.

  • Aholeintheozone
    Aholeintheozone 2 years ago+68

    When she says organic she means carbon chain molecules not necessarily something that was alive at one point.

  • Leonardo Ulian
    Leonardo Ulian 3 years ago+101

    Wow, the "space exploration deniers" will have a hard time to think about a strategy to explain that all of this is just a made up scene to pretend that the Mars mission is real. They even invented drill engineers with fake prototypes, robots and very nice engineering to trick SmarterEveryDay in his tour. These NASA actors are really convincing. Great.

  • Roy Godiksen
    Roy Godiksen 3 years ago+609

    In my opinion, the video could be an hour long and i would still be glued to the screen.

  • Hello There
    Hello There 2 years ago+60

    He owes him a bunch of favors and the man asks about a drill... out of all things.

  • FennecTECH
    FennecTECH 2 years ago+149

    10:35 I JUST DIED

  • aznmarty256
    aznmarty256 3 years ago+49

    I never knew I could be so intrigued by drilling.

  • Bao Doan
    Bao Doan 3 years ago+41

    With all the channels being supported by Audible I've probably listened to dozens of free books now XD

  • TechnoSquidgy
    TechnoSquidgy 3 years ago+532

    All that trouble and money designing and sending a fancy robot to Mars when they could have just sent Bruce Willis with a power drill and a dustpan and brush. I don't know what these NASA jokers are up to.

  • Derrick Anderson
    Derrick Anderson yesterday+1

    "he owes me a ton of favors..."

  • Alex Master
    Alex Master 2 years ago+57

    I love his editing, he is a good vlogger

  • flat world
    flat world 7 hours ago

    I agree mars is here on EARTH 😂

  • Vik Ram
    Vik Ram 2 years ago+31

    How do you clean the dust between two different tests, does traces of previous dust will not effect current results ?

  • Gerald P
    Gerald P 3 years ago+1662

    I'm gonna say, the rover is so much bigger than I thought it was

  • TennoHack
    TennoHack a years ago+5

    "If we were to drill into this board..."