73 Questions With Kim Kardashian West (ft. Kanye West) | Vogue



  • ktri 3 months ago

    Interviewer: Kanye, what's your favourite thing about your wife?Kanye: Her husband

  • Wolfpup_oreo Melody 21 hours ago

    Haha bro that was so funny 😆

  • La girl 23 hours ago


  • Who Wants 73 questions with the 73 question dude?👇🏻

  • tina Berry 2 days ago

    The house is so Bland looks like a crazy house

  • Faith Vinson 3 days ago


  • BROWN22 SUGAR  16 days ago

    73 questions with Kanye could just be called 73 words with Kanye

  • Caribbean edition 2 days ago

    😂😂 so true

  • lushh 2 days ago

    I'm your 1000,like😎

  • Kid Roudi 13 days ago

    Interviewer: Kanye how did you know that Kim was the one?Kanye: I saw the sextape

  • Chrissy Watson 2 days ago

    Kid Roudi 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Sub to me idk why 28 days ago

    “I can smell when someone has a cavity.”*Weird flex but ok*

  • CedMo 76000 9 days ago

    Sub to me idk why 🤢

  • Optimus Prime 2 months ago

    Interviewer: So how old are your kids?Kanye: *young*

  • Prince James an hour ago


  • Moonlight Stardust 2 days ago


  • Shadow TG_Mode 4 days ago

    Interview guy: Kanye who’s your favorite kid?Kanye: Their Dad

  • black girl magic an hour ago

    that was funny

  • Mamisa Lumiere 3 days ago


  • Chad 29 days ago

    Interviewer: what’s the best part about talkingKanye: the words

  • NS R 4 days ago

    Chad Ellen: Kanye name three three things that are hairy.Kanye: balls balls balls.

  • Manny C 18 days ago

    Interviewer : “ What is your favorite dish? ”Kanye : “The food.”

  • Kz Mer 5 days ago


  • Diana Reyes 5 days ago

    That call with Kris was the most staged thing I’ve ever seen

  • nishini gamage 2 days ago

    lmao all of the 73 questions are staged