Gain MOTIVATION While You Sleep. Sleep Hypnosis for Increasing Motivation & Energy + Affirmations

  • Published on:  11/11/2020
  • This powerful listen-while-you-sleep motivation hypnosis uses carefully tailored affirmations to foster your motivation for life and to raise your energy levels while you sleep. Female voice. First I relax you down, ready for sleep, allowing you to drift into a deep sleep while the energy-giving affirmations inspire your subconscious mind. Your subconscious is always listening, even during sleep. Affirmations are framed in the positive, so no negative suggestion here! And they are framed in the first person because it is 'I', i.e. you, who's integrating the motivational messages. This is good practice. I hope you enjoy. Lots of love. x

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    I am a trained past life regression hypnosis practitioner, and I create meditations and hypnoses for many purposes.

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