2020 Corvette Owner Delivery Video. How EVERY feature works.

  • Published on:  7/9/2020
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    In this video, I share with you how every option works on the 2020 corvette. This video will work for all generations of the 8th generation Corvette. So if you need to learn how something works on the C8 corvette this is the video. I put chapters below so you can jump to what you need help with.

    Chapters for this video:

    0:00 Start
    2:48 Keyfobs
    3:15 How to remote start
    3:34 Best Aftermarket Exhaust for C8
    3:42 I misspoke. I have started the car 7 times in a row
    4:16 Hidden Key in the key fob
    4:32 Key slot 1 to open the drive door
    5:27 Manual front trunk release
    5:48 C8 battery location
    6:34 How to change your cabin air filter GM part 13508023
    7:09 How to use Battery Protection Package
    7:18 Emergency trunk release
    7:43 How to close frunk when using battery protection package
    8:06 2nd key slot to open the rear trunk
    8:47 Front Trunk realize button (outside of the car)
    9:16 rear decklid release button (outside of the car)
    9:32 Interior frunk and trunk release buttons
    9:47 Gas door operation
    10:40 How to remove/Replace Targa top
    13:22 Exclusive Corvette club
    13:50 Engine Bay Overview
    14:40 Rear emergency release cord
    14:45 I meant to say light not a power outlet
    15:07 Power Locks, Windows Folding mirrors
    15:20 Power mirrors
    15:40 Convertible Top Operation button location
    15:54 Emergency door Release
    16:12 Seat Operation
    16:28 Parking brake
    16:37 Title Steering Wheel
    17:05 Cruise Control
    18:01 Heads up display
    20:28 Garage Door Opener https://www.201tube.com/video/veLgviA2lgg/video.html
    20:49 Hazard lights
    20:52 Motion alarm
    21:36 Digital Rear View Mirror
    24:08 Driver modes (sport track, touring, My mode, Z Mode) also see Fourty eight ninteen mark
    30:16 Windshield Wipers
    30:39 Headlights
    32:39 Parking Brake
    33:26 Interior Light Controls
    33:41 Driver Info Center
    46:54 Transmission Operation
    47:35 Traction Control
    48:19 Performance Track Mgmt
    50:29 Front Lift
    52:09 Front Camera System
    1:02:25 HVAC Controls
    1:06:09 Wireless Charging
    1:07:00 Apple Car play / Android Auto
    1:09:00 How to Pair your phone via Bluetooth
    1:11:25 Audio system, how to save favorites
    1:17:00 Navigation System
    1:20:50 Voice Recognition also see one hour fourty eight minute mark
    1:23:00 Performance Data Recorder
    1:30:46 Wifi
    1:33:27 User setup
    1:36:26 Vehicle setting complete overview
    1:44:46 How to delete Cache in the car. How to reset the car if electronics stop responding
    1:48:12 Memory seats
    1:50:08 Valet Mode
    1:53:00 Manual transmission release override (how to put corvette in neutral with no power)
    1:54:17 DCT transmission Fluid
    1:56:25 Tow Hooks https://amzn.to/3edASjt pry tools I use
    1:58:04 Voice prompts for advanced users.

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