UGADI PACHADI - Andhra Style

  • Published on:  3/27/2017
  • "UGADI", a traditional Telugu New Year festival is also called as "Telugu Samvatsaradi" in Andhra region. First day of the new year is celebrated with lot of authentic, traditional dishes and a very special "UGADI PACHADI". As I mentioned in my earlier post, Ugadi Pachadi is prepared in different styles in different regions. The ingredients may be same, but Andhra style is little different from Telangana and Rayalaseema varieties. As Andhra region is the most fertile region in Telugu States, all fresh vegetables, fruits are highly available in these areas. So, Banana, green chillies and fresh coconut are added to Ugadi Pachadi. And the consistency will be sticky because of using fully ripen banana.

    Coming to the preparation of Ugadi Pachadi in Andhra Style -
    Neem flowers gives bitterness
    Raw Mango gives sourness
    Jaggery gives sweetness
    Green chilli gives spicy
    Salt gives saltiness
    Tamarind gives tanginess
    The main combination of these six ingredients bring six tastes of life called as "Shadruchulu" make this Pachadi most authentic, unique and tasty.

    Please follow the recipe, try to prepare on the auspicious day of Ugadi. Wish you all a very Happy Telugu Nutana Samvatsaradi "Ugadi". Enjoy...!!!