• Published on:  10/18/2018
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  • Welyn 8 months ago

    TOWN EVENT TODAY!! I MAY STREAM some of it, keep an eye out!! artist: is some information and instructions so everyone can be ready:1. Change your steam name to include the tag [TOWN] in front of your name.2. The event begins about 6 PM EST (1 hour after wipe) on (Rustafied Main US, Address: Due to potentially large queues, I recommend joining at wipe right at 5 PM EST and ga...

  • Destroyman 1 months ago

    Im new to this channel. And all I can say about it is that: "I LOVE IT"!!!!!!!!. I will definitely subscribe!

  • father jyp 4 months ago

    “ You can buy cheats, but you can’t buy *iQ* ”

  • SX Sean yesterday

    that is the most quotable thing for gamers

  • Tripz 3 days ago

    But you can hack computer intelligence. Checkmate boy.

  • Zachary Snyder 4 months ago

    Your date is so hot. How did you get so lucky.

  • Lars Grünheid 5 days ago

    @ryno 77 yuyuyu fbi open up

  • Black Saiyan 5 days ago

    @oh yeah yeah soldier not likely

  • Bryan Smith 3 months ago

    i thought this man was like a 16 year old kid by his voice

  • noahawesome99 8 days ago


  • Kryllex 11 days ago


  • Redz 4 months ago

    this guy probably a part time bank robber

  • Duhhnai 4 months ago

    OriginalDraggen more like lvl 99 mafia boss

  • Timmy Gonzalez 4 months ago

    That would be funny, I bet he would be a professional at it to.

  • BrazoRetardo 4 months ago

    You've got story telling skills man, I've never even touched Rust and yet I just watched 5 videos and subscribed

  • Zachary Troyer 9 hours ago

    BrazoRetardo same

  • BCV _00 2 days ago


  • Albin Green 4 months ago

    "A bit of wood and some quick thinking can get you inside the compound walls"... Is this some sort of innuendo?

  • Cameron Peel 27 days ago

    Words to live by.

  • Prison Mike 2 months ago

    Albin Green THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID

  • TurboSupra91 4 months ago

    Dude, just discovered your channel. Holy shit your videos are amazing. You make this game look like so much fun I'm actually downloading it for the first time right now, lol.

  • Mehmet fatih otcu 1 months ago

    dude ur gonna uninstall the game in 2 hours of gameplay... the game is soo hard and toxic

  • sam bemer 2 months ago

    TurboSupra91 yo down to play

  • Dcvbkyrsscbgdsxcgf 4 months ago

    Damn I though I was gonna see him straight raw dogging that pumpkin 😂😂

  • MrBeast6000 8 months ago

    Kinda sad seeing huge bases that once had dedicated players be abandoned....

  • Kareem Chease 22 days ago

    Actually its good, because that means more loot for welyn, which means more content for videos.