Adventure Time | Finale: Characters' First and Last Lines | Cartoon Network



  • Gamingmine 2 months ago

    I feel old knowing an entire generation was born in the life span of this show

  • Got any Baked beans 14 minutes ago


  • Natu The Budgie an hour ago

    Gamingmine yep thats true except i was born in 2008

  • Jdudhe Bsisjow 2 months ago

    *Please stop toying with my emotions, Cartoon Network.*Edit: Wow, I've never gotten this many likes! Thanks, y'all!

  • William Keeth 14 days ago


  • @trees 2016 the show is over,they're not milking

  • Velocity 2 months ago

    I stopped watching after a few years because I stopped watching cartoons and now I feel like a part of me is missing

  • Velocity 3 days ago

    dccgbe right with ya

  • dccgbe 4 days ago

    Same, so I’m rewatching the whole show.

  • Khajiit 2 months ago

    Shows I've grown up on have died.. I go back to watch them and I'm just hit with a wave of memories of my younger days.. I wish I could go back in time

  • Branson Jallim 8 hours ago

    Avatar the last airbender always gets to me

  • @Headless Genie and the butterflies and bees...

  • Arthur Morgan 2 months ago

    aw "You're getting tall. Goodnight."

  • RIVARAPTOR 2 days ago

    I read this in Arthur Morgans voice

  • DevisingDevin 16 days ago

    @Kaden Barry Stanton LOL

  • JANAETHEGODDESS Nae 2 months ago

    Tell me why I just figured out ladyraincorn was speaking Korean.

  • it's loly! an hour ago


  • Sean Dixon 16 days ago

    @Honey Button hey i dont blame you. Im half Korean, cant speak it but i can pick up on some words, but usually when Rainicorn speaks its too fast for me to pick up on anything haha

  • Pass The Boof Man 2 months ago

    There’s Shelby, the showstopper. He got his gummy boi voice, but has matured into a grown worm. He raised a brother, helped Jake in emotional moments, has the power to dub a sword a holy blessing, and yet he found time, patience, and will. Will and power to say it. “Mmmm Check please”

  • The robro an hour ago

    I do... WHAAAAAAAAA! *tears flowing*

  • bruh its Dayami 2 days ago

    Wasn't Shelby voiced my Willow Smith

  • Dankus Duck 2 months ago

    We 2000's kids really just grew up with a great selection of cartoons. The nostalgic feelings I get when watching these types of videos is crazy. I'm sure most of you can relate

  • Cayden Smith 6 days ago

    CLAG GAMING *maybe*

  • CLAG GAMING 6 days ago

    Hey umm is it bad that y'all are telling your ages?

  • Donnytelo 101 22 days ago

    "Its ok... Just promise to plant me there."Me: *AAUGHHHH*

  • Skill Cipher 5 13 days ago

    Sadly I missed all these episodes, I remember my first and last episode so well, and now it's over and a piece of my child hood is missing

  • DevisingDevin 16 days ago

    fern was my favorite character too :*(

  • shAD_ axL 2 months ago

    Everyone commenting shelby's last line was soooo powerful and deep, I'm dead😂😂

  • Paxton Poole 5 days ago

    What about Gunter?

  • Major Motherland 19 days ago

    shAD_ axL mmmm check pleasse