Adventure Time | Finale: Characters' First and Last Lines | Cartoon Network



  • Dennis Mendez
    Dennis Mendez 3 hours ago

    "I find your proposal.... Mmmmm.... Acceptable!!!!

  • Shookaconry 54
    Shookaconry 54 6 hours ago

    What’s weird is that I never knew some of these characters. That’s what 7 years worth of not watching this does to you

  • kdotybrawls
    kdotybrawls 14 hours ago

    Ccchhheck please

  • Kyan Dawson
    Kyan Dawson 16 hours ago

    after one episode came out (it was a very later episode) my mom said i couldnt watch this because of one little thin but i watched it anyway

  • Paige Harris
    Paige Harris 18 hours ago

    I haven't had cable for 4 years.. wish could have had the pleasure of watching this episode... :(

  • TheRemieShow
    TheRemieShow 18 hours ago


  • morgan :3
    morgan :3 20 hours ago


  • F0TG2
    F0TG2 21 hours ago+1

    it had to end...

  • KawaiiDepressed
    KawaiiDepressed 23 hours ago


  • Brooklin Blackheart

    Im not crying, YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carla Handley
    Carla Handley yesterday

    I remember sitting in front of our T.V when I was 6 and watching it thinking that show would never end. But here I am holding back tears. I will miss this show. (And just watch the next show that is going to leave Cartoon Network is "The Amazing World of Gumball" which would be sad. But I doubt that because that is the only decent show on now)

  • Red Dragon
    Red Dragon yesterday

    Jake got a extra last word because of ben

  • Jaime Vazquez
    Jaime Vazquez yesterday

    When the music whole started to sing I bursted into tears. Sometime I tear when watching the show on hulu

  • L E I T O S O
    L E I T O S O yesterday+1

    Y am I cryin? ;-;

  • Elijah Gr802
    Elijah Gr802 yesterday

    jakes last words were in cross over episode with ok ko stevan universe and ben ten

  • Alex Weselinski
    Alex Weselinski yesterday

    Aww ice Kings here

  • Fallen Crystals
    Fallen Crystals yesterday

    Fern noooooooo...

  • The Ostrich Show
    The Ostrich Show yesterday

    Explosive diarrhea?

  • PrettyPurpleFire
    PrettyPurpleFire yesterday+1

    Fern's lines pull at my heartstrings

  • swqqnerrr
    swqqnerrr 2 days ago

    And thus, an era of perfect cartoons comes to an end, already being cut short by TTG taking up all the screen time.