Shocking US Open final as Serena Williams loses, breaks her racket



  • Om Prakash (Sep 14, 2018)

    She didn't use race card. Lost opportunity 😂😂

  • MindMyFrench (19 hours ago)

    Becuae Niomi is brown and Asian so she couldnt otherwise she would have

  • Jetsons Lee (3 days ago)

    if she was against white folks, she may use race card.

  • Raghukul Jr. (Sep 15, 2018)

    I am surprised she didn't blame trump

  • Dyo Kasparov (Jan 23, 2019)

    Everyone gonna blame PewDiePie for this at some point tbh

  • SamiYour Queen (Jan 23, 2019)


  • JeffTheDude777 (Sep 14, 2018)

    Well. Her initials are SJW...

  • joe shmo (2 days ago)

    that's hilarious

  • sterlker (Jan 26, 2019)

    +Unknown Person social justice warrior

  • Blaster (Sep 16, 2018)

    "I NEVER CHEATED, I HAVE A DAUGHTER"...How pathetic can a man, pardon, a woman be...

  • joe shmo (2 days ago)

    +blanket53wc Do you mean sexist.....?

  • pigslefats (Feb 4, 2019)

    +blanket53wc You are a racist idiotic asshole and a manhater to boot. Piss off.

  • james bryant (Sep 10, 2018)

    No sympathy for her unsporting behaviour.

  • Olivia Livvy (Jan 12, 2019)

    james bryant leave her alone, stop hating just because you’re jealous you aren’t as good as her and you aren’t as famous as her, you probably don’t even do any exercise just sit behind a screen and hate all day

  • Latha Baradwaj (Dec 2, 2018)

    Eric William, Bloody racist !

  • Paras Nain (Sep 20, 2018)

    It makes me sad that Naomi has to cry and apologised for winning. Naomi did not get the credit she deserved for winning just because Serena can’t follow the rules. Stealing the limelight from Naomi she then goes onto argue it’s because she’s a woman. Owe please, your doing this whilst playing another woman.

  • Hans Heinrich (Jan 27, 2019)

    Hera ZR It wasn‘t only her, for me the crowd was worse

  • Charlie Coder (Jan 18, 2019)

    Hera ZR typical black woman

  • WndrWmn72 A (Sep 18, 2018)

    Why is this "shocking?" Serena Williams has been throwing tantrums, threatening, bullying, cheating and breaking rackets since day one! She has always displayed poor sportsmanship! Just sickening she couldn't tolerate defeat and let someone else win!

  • blanket53wc (Feb 1, 2019)

    Calling someome a theif is verbal abuse against Serena. Yet men can cuss the umpire and just get a warning. Stupidity.

  • Hans Heinrich (Jan 27, 2019)

    That‘s wrong, her behavior in this match was very poor sportsmanship, but she‘s shown serveral times that she is a fair looser (i‘m not talking of this match) and has a lot of respect for her opponents

  • Beth Digout (Sep 14, 2018)

    Couldn't pull the race card, so she pulled the sexism card to try and get her way, real classy Williams, real classy.

  • ramdinsanga anri (Oct 29, 2018)


  • Anthony Liu (Sep 22, 2018)

    Upscale media strategies

  • Shreyas Pakhare (Sep 14, 2018)

    When a child doesn't win a game!!!!

  • Macari Chapman (Sep 16, 2018)


  • Ofentse Mwase Films (Sep 12, 2018)

    Naomi is the humble underdog. She's going to win many many more grand slams. She must just remain humble.

  • David (Jan 29, 2019)

    She just won one more :D

  • Kevin Xie (Jan 28, 2019)

    +Ba Ki aus open winner