Shocking US Open final as Serena Williams loses, breaks her racket



  • Peter Piper
    Peter Piper yesterday

    "She" probably poops as much as a buffalo. What a big, insecure man.

  • Matthew Dawn
    Matthew Dawn 3 days ago

    Serena you are a disgrace to all black players. She is not the greatest, it is margaret court at 24 GS. Disgusting remark by the analyst. Boo.

  • Old Borz
    Old Borz 4 days ago

    Judge was lucky that Osaka not white))

  • dkmatti
    dkmatti 4 days ago

    everyone we have an announcement to make

  • raulprima
    raulprima 5 days ago

    How in the fuck was that penalty because ''she's a woman'' when her opponent is ALSO a woman??? Is the other chick transgender or something? lol

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous 6 days ago

    Serena's ego got to her head. The coach admitted the coaching. She thought she was untouchable, the Umpire is probably one of the few reminders she has in life that if you disrespect people it has consequences. She obviously wasn't ready for them, hence the meltdown. I would laugh at it, only her shameful and unsportsmanly behaviour ruined a well-earned win from Noami Osaka, who should have been able to relish the day.

  • Mike12522
    Mike12522 11 days ago+1

    This is *NOT* about race. And I am honestly pleased that very few black people are defending Serena. No matter what her race, I would feel the same way about her ridiculous behavior. It's unacceptable for anyone, man or woman.

  • K. A.
    K. A. 11 days ago

    What pisses me off is that Serena made Naomi feel bad for winning. Naomi worked hard for this game and she shouldn’t feel sorry for winning. I also hate how Serena said “No more booing!” It just makes it seem like she’s trying to indirectly tell Naomi “my fans are booing at you because you defeated me.”
    We need sportsmanship...

  • David Kopp
    David Kopp 12 days ago

    What a difference in class, Osaka Plays with respect and Honor and Williams is big mouthed and without respect for the umpire. And after loosing she uses the Sexist Card to defent her horrible behaviour. Typical Feminist cunt.

  • Latha Baradwaj
    Latha Baradwaj 12 days ago

    No. There was no gender bias. Naomi deserved the championship. Hats off & congrats to Naomi who has made us all Asians proud. This reminds me of the steely look Martina NavratilOva gave the umpire when she was about to lose the match against a newbie (Couldn't remember her name) & the umpire 'let it go' & 'made' NavratolOva win. The new champion never took off. What a tragedy ! Senior players should learn to take it easy, step back, remember their struggling days against champions of their days & accept defeat gracefully instead of throwing tantrums & finding excuses & blaming the umpire. There is something called sportsmanship which even the audience must understand enough not to boo & whine when a young thing wins the game against their iconic goddess. Serena did it too when she was a beginner. The mother in law was a daughter in law once.

  • Jasper Lee
    Jasper Lee 12 days ago

    This disgusting drag queen makes me sick! Plz go to hell immediately you fat disrespectful half human!!

  • Matthew Byrne
    Matthew Byrne 13 days ago

    How comments are justified with the sexist and Serena hating language in the comments

  • Amanda Rose Entertainment Inc.

    To be honest, the umpire doesn't owe Serena an apology. Serena is the one who should apologize to the umpire. I actually don't know why the audience was booing when Osaka won the title. Osaka won the title fair and square. She was the first Japanese woman to win a grand slam title. Congratulations Osaka! 😀

  • mayway
    mayway 14 days ago

    This is what happens when you take too many roids....

  • govardhan reddy
    govardhan reddy 15 days ago

    Sh is like trumps daughter

  • rain segaran Alfaran

    Fuck that Tennis playing Gorilla .

  • mayway
    mayway 17 days ago

    Wow! Patrick McEnroe appears to know nothing about tennis. He starts this by saying Serena was one of the greatest tennis players ever. Wrong!! Based on this video she’s a total and utter spa of low moral fibre who is so far up her own hole it’s frightening. The dizzy sow is pathetic in every way.

  • Evil emperor
    Evil emperor 18 days ago

    i still wonder whether the umpire asked serena that she had a daughter or a son...🤔🤔🤔

  • Little Traveller
    Little Traveller 18 days ago

    Come on it’s Serena she’s allowed to get pissed. I mean, she’s a mother after all. It’s interesting how the media are jumping largely on Serena’s side but all the comments are saying it as it is