Shocking US Open final as Serena Williams loses, breaks her racket



  • Jamie Grainger 10 months ago

    Having a daughter has nothing to do with cheating 😂😂😂How did this get so many likes?

  • Camilla Maxild 7 days ago

    @John Firth Serena Williams is a man. Serena and Venus are fraudsters. They are men, just like Cory Gauff, who buy the way isnt 15.

  • Sabisch TruePain 9 days ago

    It got so many likes, because Serena Williams lost it big time..

  • Paras Nain 10 months ago

    It makes me sad that Naomi has to cry and apologised for winning. Naomi did not get the credit she deserved for winning just because Serena can’t follow the rules. Stealing the limelight from Naomi she then goes onto argue it’s because she’s a woman. Owe please, your doing this whilst playing another woman.

  • aileen dorgan-sheehy 2 months ago

    @Enzo 1965 please elaborate. I'm being subjective or your being subjective

  • Enzo 1965 2 months ago

    @aileen dorgan-sheehy Judging: Subjective.

  • To be honest, the umpire doesn't owe Serena an apology. Serena is the one who should apologize to the umpire. I actually don't know why the audience was booing when Osaka won the title. Osaka won the title fair and square. She was the first Japanese woman to win a grand slam title. Congratulations Osaka! 😀

  • Naman Agarwal 10 months ago

    About the third violation, he says the umpire would've asked a man to calm down and gave Serena a game penalty directly. Not true. It went on for quite a while. She was continuously shouting at him. Then she said, "Don't talk to me". The umpire obliged and turned back. Then she kept calling him a liar. She finally got a game penalty when she called him a thief. He gave her enough chances to calm down. She didn't. He gave her what she deserved.

  • Sokami Mashibe 8 months ago

    Well said, Completely agreed!

  • Didi Nanang 10 months ago

    Her opponent is black and woman, I bet she's confused at what card she should be playing 😅

  • Azhari Arif an hour ago

    @DivineAtheistWannabe Osaka is half negro.

  • Her opponent's mom got her tight little Asian vagina blacked by the BBC.Can you even imagine how much that tight Asian vagina got stretched? The asian dudes definitely got cucked.

  • Rockyroadpool 10 months ago

    I felt so baaaad for Naomi. Her firt win and all she'll remember is "Serena should have won". Naomi deserved everything

  • WhiteWolf 3 days ago

    @Darren Forbes Agree. And then Serena comforts her afterwards. That young lady was gracious because let me tell you what, if someone had ruined my win and then put on a face of kindness afterward, I would not be having it.

  • Lucie Safarova 1 months ago

    Space Alien Clijsters never forgave Serena for this and rightfully so.

  • Sarah 10 months ago

    I feel so sorry for Naomi, she really didn't deserve to be be booed at, she played an amazing game. Her win was ruined by Serena's childish behavior.

  • May04bwu 2 days ago

    Exactly. It's disgraceful.

  • Juanita Stew 4 days ago

    @C W she was literally trying to get a point taken away from her cuz she understands exactly how tennis works... you apparently don't.

  • Heidi van Staden 10 months ago

    She's got serious anger management issues, even if she was right or wrong

  • Momentum Stocks yesterday

    She can't handle her ego

  • Big Guy Bane 14 days ago

    Serious steroid and high testosterone problems

  • KiiiiingOfPaaain 10 months ago

    Oh just shut up Serena. You were losing the game anyway. 😒

  • Heather Souter 10 months ago

    It’s not fair for Naomi tbh she would be able to enjoy her win instead of being booed at as she wins.