Shocking US Open final as Serena Williams loses, breaks her racket



  • Raghukul Junior. 9 months ago

    I am surprised she didn't blame trump

  • Letsheia hanson 2 days ago

    The fuck that suppose to mean

  • Xenus Nexus 2 months ago

    Take my like already.

  • JeffTheDude777 9 months ago

    Well. Her initials are SJW...

  • MyPumpkin00 8 days ago

    Holy shit😂😂😂

  • Xenus Nexus 2 months ago

    Holy smokes!

  • Om Prakash 9 months ago

    She didn't use race card. Lost opportunity 😂😂

  • Antonio Cavero 1 months ago

    we are in 2019 and racism exist in USA ? i think we live in peace now under one same love sky ! i hope liberty equality and fraternity for all of you people of US and rest of this beautiful world

  • Kunal Puthran 2 months ago

    @Sinjin Smyth What abt half ur population being born in back seat of a car 😁😁 😁Maybe u were delivered d same way as well 😁😁

  • Beth Digout 9 months ago

    Couldn't pull the race card, so she pulled the sexism card to try and get her way, real classy Williams, real classy.

  • Kevin Johnson 27 days ago

    im disappointed she didn't say she was getting f...k because she is a blk female not just a female..

  • mustacheman grey 1 months ago

    Cant pull the race card cos they both the same color..hahaha

  • fuzymunk 9 months ago

    We're supposed to excuse her behavior because she's......a mom???

  • Drew Pierce 10 days ago

    What kind of example is she setting for her daughter?

  • Al Harris 8 months ago

    @goochman 420 I've watched enough tennis to know the hypocrisy between serena and her white counterparts...Just like everything else in this country fuckboy

  • Sarah 8 months ago

    I feel so sorry for Naomi, she really didn't deserve to be be booed at, she played an amazing game. Her win was ruined by Serena's childish behavior.

  • Drew Pierce 10 days ago

    It'll all come back around when Serena contracts arthritis

  • Juanita Stew 1 months ago

    @Enzo 1965 because Sascha/Osaka combo was Serena's kryptonite and she knew it

  • Blaster 9 months ago

    "I NEVER CHEATED, I HAVE A DAUGHTER"...How pathetic can a man, pardon, a woman be...

  • Kevin Johnson 27 days ago

    and her half sister was shot dead in Compton poor thing huh?

  • Enzo 1965 1 months ago

    Women don't cheat.😉

  • leonthesleepy 8 months ago

    Using the sexism card....when your opponent is a woman. Ok.

  • Mike Chan 4 months ago

    I hope she will never win another slam

  • Milk Bone 9 months ago

    Wow she played the feminism card in a women’s match🤯

  • Drew Pierce 10 days ago

    Really, how stupid can she be... oh, we're talking THAT level of stupid, ok. Game, set, match

  • Random Person 6 months ago

    I mean the refferie was a man.