Where does NASA keep the Moon Rocks? - Smarter Every Day 220

  • Published on:  7/9/2019
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  • SmarterEveryDay 13 days ago

    Andrea (the lab manager) is awesome.I must confess. Any "wingeing" you hear from Brady Haran about how long this collab took is 100% true. We filmed this 4 years ago (!). He's bugged me to publish it every two months or so, so as a way to express my sincere apology I'd like to humbly request that you go watch his video and consider subscribing on Objectivity. Also, if you do so, please leave a comment about how it was worth the wait and he should quit his wingeing. Here's his video. ...

  • Andrew 16 hours ago

    @Bill Martin _"I have made an assumption about you based on my experience with others of your ilk"_There seems to be a lot of *assumptions* made about a lot of things these days._"You demand more than evidence, you demand conclusive proof, while recognizing the impossibility of such"_"Evidence refers to information or facts that help us to establish the truth or existence of something. Proof is the sum of evidence which helps to prove something." - Dictionaryfact -...

  • KasHxJay 12 days ago

    “I’ve been doing this for 39 years and I was just 1 when I started working here that’s my story and I’m sticking to it”LMAO

  • Astrovoxo 10 hours ago

    Johnny Appleseed you have a point lol I didn’t think of it that way 👽

  • Johnny Appleseed 10 hours ago

    @Astrovoxo majority of these people would say the same regardless uno cause of the conspiracy theories

  • Conor Bryant 3 days ago

    I got goosebummps when she pointed at the cabinet in the pristine vault and said, "this is 11" That's so amazingly cool.

  • BooDues Gaming 2 days ago

    he’s infiltrated the facility. part one of the area 51 assault is complete

  • mopthermopther 9 hours ago


  • Anarchzys an hour ago


  • Aron Michael 5 days ago

    She said "i did this back in 1985"Shes a OG in the moon rock game

  • Aron Michael 3 days ago

    @Nia.D33 😂

  • Nia.D33 3 days ago

    I am too brotha just a different kind ;)

  • Jason Nonn 8 days ago

    I'd like to see an interview with that lady; such an interesting character. Bet she has some great stories.

  • Kagua 5 days ago

    she's awesome

  • Cameron Ballensky 13 days ago

    Andrea- “blah blah blah... Laminar flow.”Destin- 0_0 *Laminar Flow Intensifies*

  • cyberpunk 97' 6 days ago

    @Iyas kelu you mean 'Republicans'?

  • Iyas kelu 6 days ago

    Some idiots think that Apollo didn't land on the moon and the earth is flat.

  • Issa Dhariansyah 2 days ago

    You know exactly that "remote area" is in Area 51.. Lol

  • KANZ00 9 days ago

    Next day: *breaking news, yesterday 10 moon rocks got stolen*

  • cefrio 4 days ago

    @Rob Hughes exactly! Hahaha

  • Rob Hughes 5 days ago

    They’ll never say they got stolen, just that they lost them like all the telemetry data lol.

  • J 4 days ago

    There’s more bureaucracy in this place than there are rocks on the moon.