132816 / 2001 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Commemorative Edition

  • Published on:  1/12/2012
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    Frustrated with GMs lackluster 50th Anniversary Corvette offering, a small company named Advanced Automotive Technologies out of Rochester Hills, Michigan began producing this 1953 Commemorative Edition appearance package. Wrapping retro C1 styling around a customer supplied 2001 Z06; this awesome 8,049 mile garage queen is one of only 200 C5 Corvettes and one of only SEVEN C5 Z06s to be converted into 1953CEs. If you love the looks of the original Corvette; but aren't too fond of its outrageous collector car price and outdated technology, this 405 horsepower 1953CE which mixes the best of Harley Earls classic design with some of Bowling Green's most innovative modern hardware, is the perfect compromise!

    This 1953CE's build began with a spotless Torch Red 2001 Z06 which was stripped of everything but its doors and roof. All-new heritage inspired front and rear panels were installed using factory attachment locations, and a small recess was cut into the inner fiberglass of the rear trunk to clearance a re-contoured decklid. Once the new fiberglass panels were professionally fitted and color-matched, new lights and real metal accents were added to complete the transformation. The result is a stunning and convincing retro Vette which exhibits OEM quality fit and finish, maintains its original factory structure and still carries all of its safety related items 100% intact.

    Sharing it's basic all-aluminum architecture with GMs revolutionary LS1 Generation III V8, the LS6 under this 1953CE's hood utilizes a revised oiling system, a higher lift and bigger duration camshaft, aluminum alloy flat top pistons, sodium filled valves, a high performance intake manifold, larger fuel injectors, a high flow mass airflow sensor, coil near plug ignition, and a Vortex cold air induction to create serious 10.5:1 compression and a stout 405 horsepower. From its traditional red fuel rail covers to its pristine wiring and fresh belts, this Corvettes LS6 has been fastidiously maintained and likely hasn't seen any inclement weather during its entire 10 year existence. The ultra-clean components throughout are proof of the easy, weekend cruiser life the car has led. And after the detail job we gave it here at RK Motors, it probably even looks better than it did on the showroom floor!

    Take a look under this Corvette and you'll find a hydroformed chassis and well-maintained suspension which benefits from the addition of GMs second generation Active Handling system. The suspension hardware itself is a tried and true double A-arm front and transverse leaf rear set up which provides a compact and lightweight skeleton; and at the corners, giant vented rotors are clamped by multi-piston calipers which have been coated in bright red paint and stamped with modern "Corvette" scripts. Power flows through a Z06-specific Tremec T56 M12 6-speed manual transmission to snappy 3.42 gears which ride a Getrag differential at the back of the car. Rolling stock consists of like-new 17 inch front and 18 inch rear chrome 10 spoke Corvette wheels which wear 265/40 and 295/35 rear Goodyear Eagle F1 extended mobility tires.

    Inside the car you'll find a durable and impressive Ebony leather interior which is clean and to the point. All the plastics are fresh, cohesive, exhibit none of the trademark thinning and cracking of most 'big window' GM cars and fit well against the cars thoughtfully placed controls. Inside the dash, easy to read gauges sit above a strong dual-zone climate control system and a standard Delco AM/FM/CD player which shoots tunes through big Bose speakers. The "Z06" branded leather buckets are power-adjustable and extremely comfortable for long hauls, but they might be a little slippery if you're going to put this car on the track every weekend. In front of the driver, a pristine factory steering wheel sits between a factory shifter which has been topped with a white cue ball knob and a nice set of billet aluminum pedals. And behind the driver, the cars clean carpeted trunk provides adequate room for an overnight get-away.

    In terms of bang for the buck, you just can't beat this 2001 Corvette Z06. It's faster than 95% of the cars on the road, has killer handling and when you throw in a killer OEM appearance package like the 1953CE, it adds a level of appeal and exclusivity that simply can't be beat. Call, click or visit http://RKMotorsCharlotte.com for more information on this awesome car!