Design Vs. Design — Room Makeover Competition!

  • Published on:  3/15/2018
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  • Lily N
    Lily N a years ago+1137


  • Hello Hello
    Hello Hello 9 months ago+1629

    You should do a kids version it would be hilarious Like this if you agree

  • Lindsey C
    Lindsey C 6 months ago+718

    who else is here from Hannah and Ashley's Design vs Design

  • Shammah Chiumya
    Shammah Chiumya 9 months ago+648

    Has any one else noticed Desola's dark accent wall (and the dark aesthetic), and the mirror's reflection makes it look like the moon. That, in contrast to Natalie's vibrant colors, literally make the rooms as different as day and night.

  • Leen’s Galaxy
    Leen’s Galaxy 3 months ago+146

    You should do a couple version
    So girlfriend vs boyfriend

  • Stacey Salgado
    Stacey Salgado 10 months ago+290

    I am sorry but I feel like kate was on Natalies side I am not a hater please don't yell at me.

  • Oldman Ontheinternet
    Oldman Ontheinternet 11 months ago+458

    All of y'all commenting about Joey being rude the whole time when, actually it was very obvious that he was acting that way. It's called amping up a personality for comedic effect or to just be dramatic. Oh, and not to mention Kate was acting extra nice in this video so she was obviously doing the same and they were just playing good cop/bad cop.

  • 3.33 am
    3.33 am 9 months ago+105

    The girls room reminded me of a rich teenage girl’s room (or just a girl with a large room) and an extra space is just right there so they add a couch for her and her friends. While the guy’s room reminded me of an office. (Preston Burke) But they both were really good.

  • Keira Gloeckler
    Keira Gloeckler 10 months ago+184

    The Comments
    70% Saying how rude Joey was being
    25% Saying who should have won
    5% Others

  • Anthony Bernardi
    Anthony Bernardi a years ago+859

    Who else wants a Netflix show starring Kate and Joey making houses? That would be my DREAM!!!!!!!!

  • Charlotte B
    Charlotte B 9 months ago+96

    Can u do this but a kids edition

  • Michelle Cordova
    Michelle Cordova 10 months ago+76

    Who came down to the comments before they announced the winner??

  • Marlene Larkin
    Marlene Larkin 3 months ago+21

    The judges should have judged room without knowing who designed it would have been less chance for bias

  • Natalie Hart-Hawco
    Natalie Hart-Hawco 6 months ago+32

    I would have an anxiety attack just trying to pick the paint colour😂

  • Michi Contreras
    Michi Contreras a years ago+1264

    Oh my God. I cannot even begin to imagine me in this series. I’d be running back and forth around the store having a panic attack.

  • Alya Azeez
    Alya Azeez 11 months ago+120

    Yaaaaaay, i was praying for Deshola. I really think that he did amazing and i would choose his room too😍😍😍

  • Crystal Jewel Rose
    Crystal Jewel Rose 9 months ago+49

    Can Desola do my room?
    He did a good job on the bold side of the room. My room is gray which I do find cool. I have his style more than Natalie, I’m not to crazy over bright colors even when I do like blue. I like any type of blue but at the same time I like bold colors, like gray, light gray(which I have in my room), black & white. I did What’s My Aesthetic and it gave me bohemian, i was mostly shocked because I like bold colors as well.
    I did love Natalie’s room, it’s just I don’t like bright colors that much. I love that there styles are different.

  • Jayden Jones
    Jayden Jones 3 months ago+9

    Judge : What do you put on a book shelf, its very stressful
    Me:...... books?

  • vaishali gupta
    vaishali gupta 3 months ago+12

    I think KATE is the most sweetest person on the face of this planet😍

  • Yerka Yanez
    Yerka Yanez a years ago+491

    Can there be a “Decorate with Amazon Products” challenge please? Or an Affordable online challenge?
    My thrift stores don’t carry good stuff and I was wondering if they could just do some sort of furnish a room or home online?
    Anyone like this idea please thumbs up so they can see it!