Muslim baby boys names starting with A with meanings | Islamic names for boys modern

  • Published on:  12/12/2018
  • Muslim boys baby names with meaning starting with A | Islamic names for boys modern. Find meaning of Muslim Islamic boys names with meanings.
    People want to give a unique, meaningful and beautiful names to their babies. In this tutorial, you hear the name and it's most common meaning. Please note that pronunciation and spellings of names can be different. Moreover, a word can have different meanings in different languages.

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    Some of the Islamic names for boys with meanings covered in this tutorial are as follows:

    Afraaz Very learned in the Divine Law
    Afroze Bright, shining
    Afsah Very pleasant, charming
    Afsar/ Afser Official, leader, governor
    Afshaar Partner, companion
    Afsheen Name of a Persian general
    Afta Last baby, younger
    Afeyha Fabulous, spacious, full
    Afzaal Grace collection, forgiveness
    Afzal Best, high, intelligent, big
    Aghlaab High, superior
    Ahad Single
    Ahkam Strong, powerful
    Ahmad/Ahmed Much praised,
    One of the many names of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)
    Ahmar/Ahmer Red
    Ahsa Strong
    Ahsan/Ahsen Pious, good
    Ahshaam Respected one
    Ahtasham/Ahtashaam Glory, greatness
    Aibak Messenger, slave name, full moon, message
    Aiymal/Aimal Wish, desire
    Aiqaaz/Aiqaz Awake, watchful
    Aaish Live, enjoy life
    Ajaweed/Ajavid Generosity, act of kindness
    Ajda Useful, better

    Muslim boys name with meaning - Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the meanings and pronunciation of names in this tutorial. Names can be spelled and pronounced differently in different parts of the world. I would advise you to consult a local scholar for verification before deciding to keep a name for your baby. This tutorial is only for knowledge sharing purposes. Thank you for joining in.