The Saleen S7 Is the Craziest Supercar Nobody Knows About

  • Published on:  3/28/2019
  • GO READ MY COLUMN! OUT CNC MOTORS!http://www.cncexotics.com Saleen S7 is the craziest supercar we don't know about. Today I'm going in depth on the Saleen S7, and I'm taking you on a tour of the S7 -- and showing you all the quirks and features of the Saleen S7.FOLLOW ME!Facebook - - - CHART:


  • Doug DeMuro
    Doug DeMuro  4 months ago+8594

    So... who wants to contribute to a GoFundMe for an upside-down loop racetrack we can build in the desert?

  • Alexander
    Alexander 4 months ago+2165

    Doug is the type of guy who thinks that nobody knows about Saleen S7

  • Micilo 419
    Micilo 419 1 months ago+137

    “Saleen S7 Craziest supercar no one knows about”
    Midnight club 3 players: hold my beer

  • Mark Savoy
    Mark Savoy 2 months ago+602

    I almost bought one of these but I went with the Camry instead

  • Andrew Schmidt
    Andrew Schmidt 4 months ago+456

    the suede is on the top so that when you're driving upside down your luggage has a soft surface to rest on. They were thinking ahead. lol

  • stephensmichael81
    stephensmichael81 2 months ago+202

    Jim Carrey drove one in
    "Bruce Almighty"

  • EinfachNurMaggi
    EinfachNurMaggi 4 months ago+2100

    Doug is the type of a guy who calls his son "More Doug DeMuro"

  • surfmotor
    surfmotor 1 months ago+128

    Doug is the type of guy to drive around in half million dollar cars with dirt on his knee caps.

  • Shumon Saha
    Shumon Saha 4 months ago+293

    Doug the type of guy to tell a girl to click on his "link" below

  • Matheus Caiaffa
    Matheus Caiaffa 21 days ago+59

    If you press all the four buttons together the car turns upside down

  • Lucas Martínez Parra
    Lucas Martínez Parra 3 months ago+68

    Oh, darn. All this horsepower and no room to gallop.

  • Raven16691
    Raven16691 4 months ago+737

    Nobody know about? This car was in literally any racing game ever from 2000-2010

  • Derek Nonnenmacher
    Derek Nonnenmacher 3 months ago+93

    Doug the type of guy to refer to his junk as his Quirk and features

  • Heroic Rage
    Heroic Rage 2 months ago+135

    this car cost $425k if anyone wondering

  • Sir Exotic
    Sir Exotic 1 months ago+79

    I fell in love with this car when I played Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition.

  • Uzy
    Uzy 1 months ago+36

    Midnight Club Los Angeles... anyone remember the bright orange S7 that was the most exotic car to get?

  • Flowxing
    Flowxing 14 days ago+19

    When the frame skips at 17:34 you can see how the exhaust system expands from heating up.

  • Damian Estey
    Damian Estey 7 days ago+5

    Doug is the type of guy whos mother didn't let him play midnight club 3 as a kid.

  • devs1998
    devs1998 2 months ago+41

    I knew about this car the day Bruce almighty drove it

  • whatevruminator
    whatevruminator 3 months ago+26

    One of the coolest looking cars ever produced.