Esports This Week : Ugly Truth of Indian Gaming Community

  • Published on:  9/21/2021
  • #S8UL#GXR#IndianGaming

    The Indian Esports community has evolved ten fold in the last decade, but still - serious issues like contract breaches, hate and toxicity, youtube videos that are fueled by masala and controversy. Amidst this all - are a group of young Indian Esports Athletes who's whole and sole purpose is to make India proud. Is this what our Indian Gaming community has become? How can you be a part of the solution and not the problem? Watch this episode to find out!

    We take a look at what's going on at Galaxy Racer India, S8UL's new Valorant Roster and introducing India’s Premier Weekend Brawl: Fight Night! :

    Watch today's episode to know more!

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    0:00 Recap
    0:09 Intro
    1:05 @Skyesports Championship 3.0!
    1:43 @The Esports Club Gauntlet commences!
    1:51 All you need to know about Fight Night!
    3:49 @S8UL Enters Valorant Esports, picks up T69
    4:02 @Global Esports @SkRossi talks about new team coach!
    4:28 APAC LCQ @VALORANT Team India!
    5:09 Where will GE play LCQ from?
    5:35 Free Fire Updates from @Qualcomm Snapdragon Headquarters!
    6:11 GXR Roster for @Free Fire Esports India Championship Fall 2021!
    6:25 @Free Fire Esports India Championship Fall 2021 Updates
    6:48 Things heat up at Snapdragon Conquest 2021!
    7:34 The Ugly Truth
    9:24 BGMI Updates
    9:45 Welcome to Indian Esports - Orangutan Gaming!
    10:10 New events - @Villager Esports Pro Invitational, @The Esports Club Battlegrounds Mobile India Invitational
    11:09 What really happened with @Galaxy Racer India!
    12:46 @8bit Thug @8bit Goldy @SID & @Ghatak Gaming respond to GXR Incident
    13:30 The Ugly Truth and how you can solve this!
    15:34 Outro

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