5 Foods You’re Eating Wrong #3 (Ft. YouTube Stars)

  • Published on:  5/9/2019
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  • REACT 1 months ago

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  • Mahreen riz 1 months ago

    Got7 kpop release their new song called eclipse have look https://www.201tube.com/video/6tl-MG38-0E/video.html

  • Bane Wolf 1 months ago

    There is no wrong way to eat....

  • Shai Go 1 months ago

    This isn't really "foods that you're eating wrong" it's more like "foods that you could eat differently"

  • Yeetus Defeetus a months ago

    You can eat anything differently.I can peel an ice cream rn

  • Dank Maymays 1 months ago

    At this point, I’m not sure if I’m even breathing correctly.

  • Avea Illium 1 months ago


  • Hazel Havoc Wreaker 1 months ago

    Dank Maymays 😂 That’s what someone on twitter tweeted after seeing a photo of someone pushing chopped tomatoes through the hole near the end of the cutting board and into a bowl.

  • Colby Willbern 1 months ago

    We just gonna skip over the fact that Tim just drank lemon juice with no reaction 2:42

  • Movaixs a months ago


  • MadMaddox a months ago

    Lemon juice isn’t that bad... I would need almost a whole Lemon to get me a slight reaction

  • XxJakePlayzxX 1 months ago

    DangMattSmith: *Puts a little bit of lemon juice in his mouth*DangMattSmith: *Gags*Timothy DeLaGhetto: Damnnn that's tight!Timothy DeLaGhetto: *Squirts the whole damn lemon in his mouth*Timothy DeLaGhetto: WoW!2:37

  • Sarcastic Bastard 1 months ago

    3:41 did she just made a pun accidentally?

  • califragmentlemon 1 months ago

    They used the wrong grater... The butter would get stuck in the cowbell shaped ones...

  • Spot Q8 1 months ago

    I can't take Matpat seriously when his hand is creamed.

  • Willow Ishida 1 months ago

    1:55 That quiet "oh sh*t" into the mic made me laugh more than I should've

  • jungoo .jrnls 1 months ago

    me when i rip a piece of paper;"mY ANIMATOR HANDS. THEY'RE TOO STROOONG."