TRX Stiff Leg Deadlift

  • Published on:  2/12/2019
  • Got low back pain? Try adding a TRX deadlift to your warm-up or mobility routine. Low back pain is usually a result of a tight posterior chain (hamstrings, gluteus, erector spinae, etc.). By adding this exercise into your routine you will be able to transform your body into the machine it needs to be in order to perform the most basic exercises that a machine cannot mimic.
    Key Points:
    1.) Feet shoulder width apart with knees slightly bent.
    2.) Keep a neutral spine throughout the range of motion.
    3.) Body weight is reliant on your own two feet.
    4.) Ensure that your knees DO NOT pass your toes and your hips DO NOT orient themselves pass your knees while guiding the TRX handles forward. The best way to visualize this might be to keep your knees at the "slightly bent" position throughout the exercise and hinging at the hips.
    5.) Use the TRX to help stretch to a mild discomfort at the end of your range of motion.