How to make The Hemingway Daquiri - Featuring Zacapa 23

  • Published on:  2/2/2015
  • “I drink to make other people more interesting.” –Ernest Hemingway

    We do our take on this classic drink and pair Ron Zacapa 23 with fresh juices to make a one of a kind twist on this cocktail.

    A high school graduate, Hemingway furthered his education by his world travels, Key West to Kilimanjaro, Venice to Paris. For a real taste of local life, he said, “Don’t bother with churches, government buildings or city squares, if you want to know about a culture, spend a night in its bars.” The man is legendary for his unfettered appreciation of a good drink. He frequently would weave cocktails into the vivid descriptions of his books.

    Like most legendary alpha males, Ernest Hemingway’s life is easy to idolize, but the real story behind this badass literary figure has plenty of dark chapters (the darkest being the final one, since he took his own life). But that’s not to say he isn’t incredibly worthy of our admiration, and our favorite way to pay tribute to him — to anyone, come to think of it — is by making his favorite drink.

    Hemingway was a thirsty guy, make no mistake. And although he probably put away booze of all levels of quality, given the omnivorous nature of his appetite, he did have some noted favorites about which he was pretty particular. This drink is one of them. History has it that the Hemingway Daiquiri, also known as the Papa Doble, was concocted during his time living in Havana, Cuba, by Constantino Ribalaigua, who tended bar at El Floridita. Hemingway probably drank his without the sugar, but we are including it in this recipe since most people like a little sweetness in this strong cocktail.