Xpress Hair Color in 5 minutes!

  • Published on:  6/18/2017
  • Kristen Hancher got a make-over hair color and I used the new Guy Tang #Mydentity Xpress Toner Pearl and Titanium

    I lifted her hair using Guy Tang #Mydentity#Big9 with 20 vol dedicated developer to a level 10. Rinse and Olaplex treatment. On damp hair I applied #Mydentity Xpress Toner Pearl + Titanium equal parts with 6 vol 1:2 ration for just 5 minutes! How easy is that? You can use the Xpress Toners as pre-tone or as a color itself. It has a level 8 deposit and you can add Demi-Permanent Cyrstal Clear to sheer out.

    Guy Tang #Mydentity is now available online: https://www.shop.mydentitycolor.com/collections/demi-permanent/products/demi-permanent-x-press-toner?variant=43821614035

    It's also available online at Cosmoprofbeauty.com and in stores at Cosmoprof (US and Canda) and Armstrong McCall. Soon outside of North America!!!

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