iPhone 12 Pro Max VS OnePlus 9 Pro: Wait, What??

  • Published on:  5/26/2021
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    I've done this comparison for years, and every single time, I walked into it knowing the outcome. There was just no way the iPhone could win because regardless of how much better it could be, the law of diminishing returns would prove that the added price would not compensate the differences.

    It's as if OnePlus had this perfect formula where no matter how it fell short, you just couldn't argue with its value proposition. It became this no-brainer recommendation, almost making the idea of spending more to be kind of dumb.

    And that maybe explains why my soft spot for the company has been eroding since the 8 series. We get this dramatic turn from value prices to premium prices, and the implementation wasn't really ready for that. It almost leaves you in this weird middle ground of expectations were we've always known Apple products are great but expensive, so that's no surprise, but what happens when OnePlus products get expensive? You start asking yourself if they can really live up to it.

    On one corner we have the OnePlus 9 Pro, the company's latest flagship, and yes.. A pretty penny if you're trying to buy it in the US at least. On the other we have the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the best phone Apple makes, which is now priced so close you can only help but wonder how this comparison is gonna end. I'm Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and well, let's see how it goes..

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