Average Andy with the L.A. Rams Cheerleaders



  • Ben G
    Ben G 9 months ago+2452

    This guy had become a superstar for the average.

  • Jania Anderson
    Jania Anderson 9 months ago+2923

    You can hear the cheerleaders helping him lol so cute

  • Thomas Skodzinsky
    Thomas Skodzinsky 9 months ago+468

    Andy: "You know what Ellen never does?"
    Cheerleaders: "What?"
    Andy: "Give me this kind of encouragement."

  • Megan Schleben
    Megan Schleben 4 months ago+438

    I love how the girls are encouraging him the whole way, they rocked it!

  • PajHuab Ncua Vwj
    PajHuab Ncua Vwj 9 months ago+1596

    Andy is so funny

  • Cheezy duckduck
    Cheezy duckduck 4 months ago+351


  • sarah daniel
    sarah daniel 9 months ago+163

    Anyone else feel that Andy can DEFINITELY play the voice of a cute-awkward cartoon character?

  • Tenziie
    Tenziie 9 months ago+484

    "All I have to worry about right now is my wiener"
    Hahahahaha had me dying

  • Handsome Lizard
    Handsome Lizard 9 months ago+2342

    If Andy is average wtf am I?

  • Anna Neale
    Anna Neale 9 months ago+174

    It would have been way better if Andy had the Pom Pom things 😂

  • John David
    John David 9 months ago+291

    Finally Andy won at least once against Ellen

  • Joeys Gone Wild
    Joeys Gone Wild 9 months ago+274

    This was by FAR Andy best performance on Average Andy like if you agree

  • Jenny W
    Jenny W 9 months ago+171

    He’s not Average Andy he should be Amazing Andy

  • 28 Barbary Lane
    28 Barbary Lane 2 months ago+53

    I truly love this guy. His willingness to do whatever he’s asked simply amazes me. Of course, he’s paid VERY WELL and I’m sure that helps A LOT!!! 😀

  • tessa visconti
    tessa visconti 5 months ago+58

    andy is so cute. he was so nervous but had a smile on his face the whole time.

  • Miranda Summerset
    Miranda Summerset 9 months ago+154

    Average Andy tries WWE lol that would be so funny!!!!

    LALIGUEDESVRAIS A 9 months ago+81

    You who watching this comments, have a good day

  • Manan Agarwal
    Manan Agarwal 9 months ago+4537

    That was by far Andy's best performance on Average Andy

  • Sophie LOW [6B]
    Sophie LOW [6B] 4 months ago+22

    I was drinking sparkling water and when andy said "omg, I see stuff" IT WENT UP MY NOSE AND I SPIT IT OUT.

  • sophia maria
    sophia maria 7 months ago+21

    “my emotional support daughter ” 😂😂😂