LINSANITY Flashback- Stephen A Smith rips Jeremy Lin then begs him back! 林書豪 籃球批評

  • Published on:  12/6/2015
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    Flashback to 2012. Stephen A Smith reacts to Linsanity and the rise of Jeremy Lin. First he criticizes Lin, then begs the undrafted Harvard grad to come back a year later. 林書豪籃球批評.

    0:22 Funny laugh by Stephen A. 有趣的笑
    1:52 Jeremy Lin returns to New York (12/17/2015) 22 Pts, 8 Ast. 林書豪22分、8助攻.
    2:23 Jeremy Lin has career high vs Spurs 12/10/2015) 38 Pts, 7 Ast, 3 Reb. 林書豪38分、7助攻、3籃板
    4:02 1 year later. Stephen A wishes Jeremy Lin back in New York. 一年之後, 後悔.

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