How The Cast Of The Hunger Games Should Really Look

  • Published on:  2/4/2017
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    As any good tribute of Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games knows, the film series took a few creative liberties in adapting the novels to the big screen. From adding additional scenes to removing characters—and whatever was happening with Seneca Crane's beard—the movies were definitely distinct from their source material, for better and for worse. One of the subtler shifts came in the form of the characters' looks, which tended to differ from their literary descriptions. Here's how the The Hunger Games cast should really look...

    Katniss Everdeen | 0:32
    Peeta Mellark | 1:13
    Gale Hawthorne | 1:54
    Cinna | 2:23
    Effie Trinket | 2:56
    Haymitch Abernathy | 3:33
    Primrose Everdeen | 4:06
    President Snow | 4:23
    Finnick Odair | 4:48
    Johanna Mason | 5:22
    President Alma Coin | 6:00
    Foxface | 6:20
    Thresh | 6:44
    Rue | 7:19

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