"STRANGER THINGS: A Bad Lip Reading"

  • Published on:  12/9/2017
  • In this week's episode, El watches the boys rehearse a scene from their play, while Joyce and Hopper butt heads over musical tastes. Featuring Gillian Jacobs as the voice of Nancy.
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  • Ashley Newman
    Ashley Newman 2 hours ago


  • Awesome Gymnastics girl

    The mom:I got a new tattoooo
    Mike and the sister: *DEATH*
    Me: **dies** 😂

  • 스튜디오
    스튜디오 7 hours ago

    “ I have to go eat CHEESE now “

  • Bark Bark
    Bark Bark 8 hours ago

    I love this channel 😂

  • Outdoorsy Queen
    Outdoorsy Queen 9 hours ago

    Johnathan’s got MAD drumming skills, cause Charlie H is a former drummer

  • Creeper 1.5
    Creeper 1.5 9 hours ago

    Make one for season two

  • [VHD-YouTube]
    [VHD-YouTube] 9 hours ago

    'insert haha funny joke here'

  • Ryan Rizico
    Ryan Rizico 11 hours ago


  • Destiny Perez
    Destiny Perez 11 hours ago

    This is hilarious i stg

  • imcashmoney hunny
    imcashmoney hunny 11 hours ago

    “im on drugs here”

  • Fortino Tan
    Fortino Tan 12 hours ago

    Mike's mom: Do you even wanna keep shaving on my legs?
    Mike: UGHBLURP
    Nancy: No, I dont!
    Mike's mom: Then I might die.
    Dustin: *smacks table with both hands* YES!!
    Mike's mom: ⊙_⊙

  • Rowen McIver Hires
    Rowen McIver Hires 12 hours ago

    This fits so well😂😂

  • Brently80
    Brently80 13 hours ago

    Retyping the words in a video that were already said once by the creator. Its dumb after 400 comments are all the same regurgitated dialogue from the video. I'm gonna repeat what I found funny like everyone else is. Duuuuurp

  • Sophia Ortiz Burgos
    Sophia Ortiz Burgos 14 hours ago


  • Machiel van der Schoot

    This is quality work! Thank you for the effort.

  • Abi M
    Abi M 17 hours ago+1


  • Peter Matthew
    Peter Matthew 17 hours ago

    We are meant to play in the sprinkler let's go 😂

  • Amelia Kicinska
    Amelia Kicinska 18 hours ago

    I need "I need some rainwater" tshirt

  • Patrícia Széll
    Patrícia Széll 19 hours ago

    "Ice God of Hungary".. damn, I live in HungaryXDDD

  • PepperShakerKetchupBottle

    0:53 Top 5 Anime Insults