• Published on:  8/7/2015
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  • Raptor 2 years ago

    I just watch every smosh video again and it's still funny.

  • RaDy Shit 2 months ago

    Yeah me too

  • WOFFLE YT 1 years ago

    I Am Knight i

  • Slav Nav 1 years ago

    They changed the thumbnail for this🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐😮😮😮

  • Justin Woodward 2 years ago


  • Moon Rammer 6 months ago

    Justin Woodward WHAT THE FRIG DO U WANT NOW?

  • Tom Sharman  8 months ago

    WHAAT!?I’ve had the worst week, man!

  • Irvan santoso 3 years ago

    Dude..Dude..Dude..Dude..Dude..Dude..Moonrammer..JESUS WHAT!!!???

  • ELVIE JANE erobas 5 days ago

    oh i see now

  • ELVIE JANE erobas 5 days ago


  • JC Martinez 3 years ago

    I would've said:Me: "Hey! I don't think I have your number."*he gives you his number*(If you have his number, you'll probably have his name, if not, create new contact)Me: hey, how do you spell your name?BOOM! You got your self a name

  • Whoresey Whoe 2 months ago

    JC Martinez what if his name is bob or jack like an easy ass name

  • Karvo 1 years ago

    JC_mcsR53 wat if it’s an easy name you should be able to spell easy

  • F2 Kids 1 years ago

    DudeDudeDudeDudeHey dudeMoon rammerJesus what😂😂😂😂

  • madhavi latha nalam 6 months ago

    F2 Kids 3

  • Blood Reaper 8 months ago

    This comment sucks

  • Night King 2 years ago

    The Smosh Squad was already here and I didn't notice any one of them at the time

  • Lego Creations 2 years ago


  • CJ_CrushingC_R 10 days ago

    PsychoticRunes Hey, chill out Moonrammer

  • PsychoticRunes 1 months ago


  • Ya Yeet 2 years ago

    He had 9 weiners in his mouth

  • Meme Boi a months ago

    Ya Yeet what is up with your profile pic

  • Shuriken Masters 2 months ago

    /RadDdy / I hope all of them weren’t yours

  • Randy Drews 3 years ago

    Um excuse me! Dude said he could fit 8 weiners in his mouth, but in the picture, there were 9! I WANT AN EXPLANATION!

  • Computer [Anything] 2 months ago

    Its a hint