Film Theory: We FOUND The SIMPSONS!

  • Published on:  2/18/2016
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    Although it’s been the butt of many jokes throughout the series, one big question has always remained in the Simpsons universe: Where is Springfield? Today, the Film Theorists answer the question 27 years in the making.

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  • Johnjohnbro 06
    Johnjohnbro 06 5 hours ago

    Arizona skips day light savings because it is literally like an oven and it’s only nice during winter
    When day light savings ends

  • InfiniteVoid
    InfiniteVoid 6 hours ago

    Hey dont judge our daylight saving times (even though i dont understand why its that way either) but still

  • VM.Music Official
    VM.Music Official 6 hours ago


  • Squank The1
    Squank The1 8 hours ago

    Spring field is Illinois capital

  • Osvaldo Rivera
    Osvaldo Rivera 8 hours ago


  • Däni Motion
    Däni Motion 9 hours ago

    Yea Springfield is a real place did people not know this????

  • •Cookie Warrior•
    •Cookie Warrior• 10 hours ago

    At 4:09 His ID says
    Springfield, USA.
    They live in the USA Matpat.

  • CC _Gecko
    CC _Gecko 10 hours ago

    Then how did Bart get to Tennessee

    TAIRALD 12 hours ago


  • Kristin McElmury
    Kristin McElmury 14 hours ago

    Oregon hey I won

  • Tresa Johnson
    Tresa Johnson 14 hours ago

    Wait u know that the Simpson tell u da future soo dis is eventually be real

  • Diamond Slasher
    Diamond Slasher 23 hours ago

    Figure out where homer lives!
    (Am not a creep)

  • Ready Fighter
    Ready Fighter yesterday

    Yes I got it and I live in Oregon

  • The Azn
    The Azn yesterday

    Australian here

  • KairiIsWeird
    KairiIsWeird yesterday

    Was re-watching this episode for the fifth or sixth time and just had to comment(because it drives me batty when I hear the mangled pronunciation) "El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Homer" is pronounced "el vee-ah-hee Mis-te-re-oh-so de new-es-trow Homer' (approximate phonetics). Exact translation is 'The Mysterious Trip of our Homer'. I know pronunciations are difficult for you sometimes(been watching for a long time) but this one just makes me cringe so hard when I hear it that I had to post something. Yes, I am a Spanish speaker.

  • JCFoxy
    JCFoxy yesterday

    But in the Family Guy episode they drive to Springfield so I can't be that far away from Rhode Island

  • scooby smasher
    scooby smasher yesterday

    Don’t dis Australia I love it here

  • Tiny Birds
    Tiny Birds yesterday

    Capital of Illinois is Springfield tho

  • Tiny Birds
    Tiny Birds yesterday

    хорошее видео !

  • Paige Heffer
    Paige Heffer yesterday

    There is a Springfield in New Zealand and they have a giant donut!!