Gay Men Decide Who's the Gayest | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on:  6/18/2019
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  • Marcus Schumerman
    Marcus Schumerman 1 months ago+15686

    can we do straight dudes deciding on who's the straightest that would be really funny

  • Noirfos
    Noirfos 28 days ago+2327

    Asian gay: studied public health
    “Maybe u can try out drag next time”
    Asian gay: gotta study more
    Lmao if that ain’t Asian culture right there

  • aftercloudia
    aftercloudia 1 months ago+4696

    The chubby bearded guy stg really the only one who isn't like...bordering offensive. I love him.

  • Sarah Mudeebe
    Sarah Mudeebe 1 months ago+1137


  • Miguel Victor L. Maravillas
    Miguel Victor L. Maravillas 1 months ago+2787

    Guy in white dress shirt looks like Lucifer Morningstar...but gay-er.

  • Rlambevlogs
    Rlambevlogs 2 months ago+23111

    Do the girl version of this pls

  • Riku's Adventure
    Riku's Adventure 1 months ago+1665

    "Is it vintage?"
    "yeah, its vintage."
    "yeah okay, this is real gay"

  • Elli Di Gorga
    Elli Di Gorga 28 days ago+1072

    “Are you flirting with me?”
    “... he was definitely flirting with you”

  • Xhelloxshane X
    Xhelloxshane X 1 months ago+897

    “Are you top or bo-“
    “Wanna touch it”

  • Kellen Reese
    Kellen Reese 1 months ago+577

    “he like... watches sports.... for fun... that’s like...”
    OH. MY. GOD. I. DIED.😂💀

  • Lise
    Lise 1 months ago +7357

    The older man who's only been "out" for 7 years really broke my heart. I hope his kids accepted him and that he's at peace with himself now.

  • Harrison Freund
    Harrison Freund 1 months ago+410

    Being gay is mostly getting judged by other gay men and told you have to be a certain way.

  • Elite Will
    Elite Will 7 days ago+102

    “This is different gay, this is activist gay”, we staaaaaan

  • Wyatt Sharpley
    Wyatt Sharpley 1 months ago+394

    That bearded tatted guy! What a sweet, kind and thoughtful, self-aware man! Huge heart, quick mind, great laugh... what a gem of a human being.

  • trevor shay
    trevor shay 14 days ago+264

    This should be titled "gay men enforcing the stereotypes about them"

  • MaxPlay
    MaxPlay 2 months ago+19814

    Next video: Straight men decide who is the straightest

  • Ruth Gonzalez
    Ruth Gonzalez 1 months ago+279

    The older man.... oh gosh. Bless his soul. Made me so sad

  • Wolf White
    Wolf White 7 days ago+125

    Him: “iM noT tHAt gAy”
    Also him: *flips imaginary hair*

  • Paige Prevost
    Paige Prevost 21 days ago+237

    lol while he's enjoyable, i think we knew he was slightly problematic - "big black beefcake daddy" // also "yeah yikes" that's rude. not like he won't watch the video and see that was said about him.

  • desertcrown
    desertcrown 1 months ago+306

    "a big black beef cake daddy" should be rated as no1 name in 2019 :D